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Nov 26, 2008 10:51 PM

ANY good Chinese in CT?

I have been upscale and downscale and in between and have still yet to find a Chinese restaurant in CT that makes fresh tasty food. emphasis on FRESH (i have never seen it or tasted it)

any suggestions welcome but I have probably been there

(maybe I am too fussy? i dont think so)


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  1. Village Gourmet, in the Cranberry section of Norwalk, I know of others who are equally "fussy" and they recomend it highly. I too enjoy their food, I just cannot say I am all that fussy when it comes to Chinese.

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      It's not much more than a snack, but the Hong Kong Cafe, in Stratford, makes a fairly good peking duck "thing" (can't remember if they call it a puff, a roll, a pie or whatever, but it's the one on the appetizer section) what you get is basically a peking duck version of a small turnover (looks a bit like those mini spanakopita you can buy frozen) really good filling (just dont try and eat them cold, the pastry get tough then)

    2. lao sze chuan in milford has great food
      not the best atmosphere, but the food makes you forget

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        I would secon laoszechuan, and add Royal Palace in and House of Choa both in New Haven

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          goodbyeohio: Your link takes you to the home page of a restaurant in Chicago.

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            click 'location and map', you'll see the address of the milford, ct location

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              How odd. There is no mention of the CT location anywhere in their site other than the "Location and Map" page. The Home page mentions two other branches (Downer's Grove and Palantine), and the News page mentions even more locations and openings. The Photos pop up has pictures of several different restaurants. But not Milford. I hope it isn't being treated like a poor step-child because the menu looks promising.

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                i went a year or so ago and the menu was pretty adventurous, with standard options for the less-daring as well. everything was excellent. i just wish they had a little more attention to decor.

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            Wow, I've got to get to this place for something different. Rabbit, jellyfish, beef tendon, & grass carp listed on their menu. Hope they have all those wonderfully strange dishes at the Milford location.

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              Went to Lao Sze Chuan tonight on this board's recommendations. Really fabulous. Authentic and unusual dishes. For two Californians who know good Chinese, one of whom lived in China, this is the real deal. Tonight we ordered stuffed tofu crepe with black mushrooms and bamboo shoots, shrimp stuffed eggplant in oyster sauce, cumin flavored sliced beef, and stir fried spinach with garlic. All was excellent.

              We've tried Royal Palace in New Haven, Shangri-Lee in Cheshire, and others in the area, but Lao Sze Chuan was far and above these others.

              Our long hard search for good Chinese in CT is finally over. Thanks !

            2. Haven't been there in awhile, but Taste of China in Clinton used to be pretty good.

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                I think this is the restaurant that Faith Middleton raved about. We're going to try it next time the gang gets together for dinner.

              2. thanks for the suggestions! I used to live in the Cranberry section of norwalk-no longer tho (nice neighborhood)
                I will look out for these restaurants tyvm

                1. I got takeout from Hong Kong Cafe in Stratford - everything was very good. A place that has a killer atmosphere and decent food is:
                  187 Cherry St, Milford, CT
                  (203) 874-1199