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Nov 26, 2008 10:22 PM

Korean BBQ - Charcoal grills

Most Korean BBQ places nowadays use gas as opposed to charcoal. I've only tried the gas method at Woo Jeon several years ago. I imagine meat grilling over charcoal will be much more flavorful. Where can I find it, specifically in Middlesex county? (Maru, Keum Ho Jung, Chung Sol Bat, Edison Noodle House, Kimchi Hana, etc.)

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  1. Id like to know that also...are there any Korean BBQ places in Monmouth or Ocean counties too?

    1. Kimchi Hana in South Plainfield (6101 Hadley Rd, South Plainfield, NJ Tel: (908) 755-0777) uses charcoal. It is our favorite Korean BBQ in the area.

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      1. re: kittenlynx

        Another vote for Kimchi Hana.
        I don't remember if Edison noodle house uses charcoal, but food was disappointing the last two times we went. Kimchi Hana is better.

      2. Woo Jeon on Route 1 in Edison uses charcoal ... it's right by Keum Ho Jung, but I think it's better.

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          I don't think Woo Jeon uses charcoal. They used to have charcoal many many moons ago but now it's all gas.

          Kimchi hana and Keum Ho Jung are both damn good, but my personal preference is for keum ho jung.

        2. Hate to bring up such an old post.. but this is exactly what I wanted to post.

          Looking for a place that has good Korean food (specifically those clear noodles w/beef or chicken) in Ocean or Monmouth County. Preferrably Ocean.

          Have any more popped up?