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Nov 26, 2008 08:10 PM

Dinner at Spago in Vegas- how to dress???

My boyfriend is taking me to dinner at Spago for my birthday while we are in Vegas, but I have no idea how we should dress... we come from a place where no one dresses up for, well, anything... and I dont want to be under dressed or over dressed- any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also is there anything on the menu thats a cant miss?

I believe we are going to be dinning in the inside, not on the cafe patio.

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  1. You are talking vegas and Spago's is at the shops at Caesar's. Much less formal. Basic casino wear will be fine. Your little black dress will be fantastic. If your boyfriend brings a blazer then by all means wear it. I usually just have a nice dress shirt and no jacket and I am fine. I have worn a Tommy Bahama and fit right in on many occasions.


    1. I was at Spago three weeks ago and there was the usual mix of Vegas eclectic. Some guys wore sport coats, some were in t-shirts. Some women had on dresses, many wore jeans. The dress code in Vegas is no dress code.

      Sorry, nothing knocked my socks, off food wise. It was pretty middle of the road stuff, nothing cutting edge. Prepared well and I believe that at 7:00 they were out of the special. The wine list, however, really pissed me off! Another obscenely overpriced list of wines with no reasonably priced, decent choices. If you're going to spend big bucks on food in Vegas, there are better choices out there.

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        We found well (for a restaurant list) priced wines with no problem. You got to know what to look for.

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          "You got to know what to look for."

          Oh, you mean like the price? When there's only one or two bottles on a list for under $55, that's when I get aggravated. And, when I see 4x mark-ups, I get even more annoyed. A run of the mill Barbera should cap out at mid $30s, not $60+. I have no problem with restaurants turning a profit and wine/liquor is an important profit center for them. But, paying 4 times what I can pay for a bottle at a liquor store is over the top. Too many of these celeb chef joints get away with it in Vegas because there is a large portion of their clientele that equates high prices to a good bottle of wine. If Spago wants to have their ultra priced bottles, that's fine. But give the rest of us peons some reasonable priced options other than white Zin.

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            Are you sure you are looking? I see at least 12 wines under $56 and dozens of decently priced wine.


            Are you sure you know what to look for? Because it doesn't match your claims. You say that Barera should not be $60+. It's not it's $55. It may not be worth it, but it is less than you claim.

      2. Thanks for your replys... I just wasnt sure if it was going to be expected of us to dress up or not. I know that there are probably places with better food, but for some reason Spago is just somewhere I've always wanted to go... and to be honest with you its probably phenomenally better then anything we can get back home, so Im sure we'll enjoy it.

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          Dress like everyone else, like a slob or as if you just mowed your lawn. You'll fit right in.

          1. re: The Old Man

            Just ate there this week

            Just ate there this weekend. Dressed in jeans and a collared shirt...saw everything from an evening gown to shorts. It's Vegas baby, relax. Wear what you feel comfortable in. The food was wonderful. My wife and I got over the "chef-in-a-can" image we had of Puck from his ill considered (IMHO) venture in crap in a can and ate at two of his restos (the otherr was Chinois - also in Caeser's) At Spago we had the Kobe (style) beef carpaccio, smoked salmon pizza, hama hama oysters (overrated, but reasonably priced), blue cheese encrusted prime ribeye (my official fourth favourite piece of meat ever after David Burkes, delmonicos and my own kitchen)..awesome. Can't recall what my wife had, but she was just as pleased. Our waiter Danny was excellent, friendly, knowledgable (they DO tend to have good servers in all the better places in Vegas we find) and we fruitfully followed his recommedations.

            Good food, good service. It comes with our recommendations.

        2. As others have said, the "little black dress" will work fine. Maybe add a black jacket with a few subtle "glitters" on the collar. It is always better to be slightly over-dressed, than under-dressed. Let the other patrons wonder if you are from Hollywood, or better yet, Europe.

          For finer-dining in Las Vegas, I would not be without my blazer, even if there are some, in shorts and tank tops. That is their call.



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            "It is always better to be slightly over-dressed, than under-dressed."


          2. As Diana Vreeland once said - "It's important to dress for the theatre - it means so much for your fellow audience!" So, yes, dress up a bit, it makes the dining experience all that much more special. Granted, the t-shirt, jeans, and shorts crowd prevail in LasV, but always better to dress up rather than down.
            Don't know if they still do it, but I've loved Spago's meatloaf at several meals there

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              I had never seen the quote that you cited. It says so very much and mirrors my sentiments. Thank you for posting that. I am not sure who Diana Vreeland is, but will research her, as I plan on using it in similar situations. Great - just great!