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Nov 26, 2008 07:26 PM

za'atar question

Is the sumac in za'atar the same as the tree growing in my front yard (eastern Ontario) - i.e. can I take the red fuzzy things off that tree and grind them up with the other ingredients to make my own za'atar??

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  1. Middle Eastern sumac has a lemony taste, and is probably a different version of the genus.

    There are some other uses for some of the North American varieties that are listed in this wiki link. Enjoy

    1. I'm fairly sure sumac the spice is v. different from the tree that grow like a weed all over Tdot, but will check with my chef and report back.

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        My chef advises it's not the same. Too bad, it would be cool to have fresh sumac!

      2. Totally different.
        You're talking about Lebanese Zaatar which is red and made with sumac. Everything Lebanese is very very different then the rest of Arabic cuisine - being Palestinian, I enjoy Lebanese cooking, but I prefer traditional Arabic food.

        If you want to purchase a good Palestinian version of Zaatar head over to Nassar's where you can buy the proper blend of thyme, thyme, oregano, marjoram, with toasted sesame seeds, and salt.

        Get a good olive oil and dip your bread in it with the zaatar.

        It's so unbelievably good!

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 Nassar's easy to find? Bet one could make their own. Sounds delish.