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Nov 26, 2008 07:17 PM

British food/goods in Westchester/Fairfield?

As Christmas approaches, this Port Chester Brit feels very homesick. I'm looking for places to indulge my nostalgia for British holiday foods. Realistically to buy and bring home (particular mince pies and suet, OK, mainly suet), but also if there are any cafes/restaurants that serve British seasonal goodies, I desperately need to consume things that many Americans find horrid. I know about stores in Bethel, CT and obviously Manhattan, but am hoping for somewhere in between. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. If you haven't already, check the Stop and Shop in White Plains across from the Westchester mall. They have a rather nice selection of international foods, mostly grocery items, from England and Ireland. The Woodlawn section of the Bronx (just south of Yonkers) has a heavy concentration of irish in the neighborhood and hence several places for groceries/food/baked goods from your side of the "pond". Google map "Katonah Ave" and "McClean Ave", park the car and take a stroll.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well!

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      As mentioned, Meyers of Keswick in Manhattan is your answer. They specifically carry the standard holiday items. Stop and Shops will have candy, branston pickle and canned goods, but Meyers brings in holiday stuff

    2. I know of nothing in the may wanna take a ride down to manhattan.....peep Tea & Sympathy.......
      you'll feel right at home mate...!

      1. In Manhattan, Meyers of Keswick if it's still there. In CT - there was a small place in Canondale in the small courtyard where the Inn at Canondale Creek is. The store had a bunch of British food imports.

        1. <b>I know about stores in Bethel, CT and obviously Manhattan</b>

          when you say bethel, do you mean newtown, ct? if you don't...then the place you want is in newtown, exit 9 off route 84,

          i've been unable to find anything outside of those in the area you mention, i've used stop and shop for lion bars and some indian sauces over time, but have to rely on mok/tea and sympathy or uk gourmet for other things.

          there's this site:

          but they include jennie bean (clinton corners), which has been closed for a few years now, so it's obviously not updated frequently.

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            Bob - yes, I did mean Newtown. Thanks for all the tips about Myers of Keswick - I do know all about it, have been there (and Tea & Sympathy) often, but I'm specifically looking for places in Westchester/Fairfield. My local Stop & Shop has a few goodies, but nothing Christmassy yet and certainly no suet. It's a far-fetched dream to have somewhere local to home where I can get this stuff, I realize, but my quest continues! Thanks to all for the help so far.

          2. royal guard fish and chips in stamford on shippan ave...