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Nov 26, 2008 07:16 PM

Marketsides in Phoenix

Has anyone tried the food or shopped at the new Marketside stores in Phoenix? I hear they are a new concept grocery store, similar to a scaled down Whole Foods. A lot of fresh prepared dinners and stuff like that.

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  1. I believe they are a Wal-Mart venture.

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    1. re: Firenza00

      You are correct. I stepped into one right when they first opened. The only signs that it's part of Wal-Mart are the Wal-Mart style price tags on the shelves, and one sentence buried on the Marketside webpage. It's less along the lines of a scaled down Whole Foods than it is their attempt to compete with Trader Joe's and Fresh & Easy, admittedly more the latter than the former.

    2. I was really unimpressed. Very nice and tidy, but their prepared meal selection was really unimpressive, especially in comparison to F&E and TJs. It's really just a very tidy mini grocery store, albeit they have quite a few items. They do offer homemade pizzas, and they have a small deli. Great idea in the bottom of a high-rise or huge apartment complex, but I think they'll have to tweak their concept to really expand.

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        Hmm, I may still have to stop in there to check it out. My understanding is that it would be heavy on the fresh prepared stuff, so if you wanted to pick something up for dinner and don't want carry out or fast food, this would be a better alternative. I usually cook, but when I can't I hate carry out.

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          My husband was given a substantial stack of coupons for 6 cent entrees, so he's tried a couple. I'm pretty picky and wary of pre-prepared stuff, but he says they've been respectably good. For six cents, it's certainly worth the price. ;-)