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Nov 26, 2008 07:13 PM

Top Chef Thanksgiving Episode (Maybe Spoilers)

I won't post any spoilers and I don't have time to write much since I have to do a bit more thanksgiving cooking before bed BUT... so much for not so much product placement this year. LOL That was pathetic!

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  1. Swanson broth nonetheless.... yuck!!!! Oh, and Butterball turkeys. I wonder what these chefs truly think about that.

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    1. re: Chefsquire

      eh. I would have sent Danny? home. I'd rather have a bad s'more than undercooked potatoes.

      1. re: sugarbuzz

        The product placement never really bothered me...until today, just way too blatant. I think the right person went home. I found it amusing that their challenge was in rochester which is 300+ miles away from nyc. The editing made it seem like they drove across town back to judges table.

        1. re: dorian

          I thought about that when the losing team was so PO'ed, Jeff in particular. They had to clean up during the concert, then drive all the way back to NYC to JT without having an inkling about why they were the losers. Neither the winners nor losers had any clue for hours that it was such a close call. That's a long time to stew before even getting to the stew room.

        2. re: sugarbuzz

          True, undercooked potatoes is pretty inexcusable.

          1. re: Chefsquire

            i think Danny may also have been saved by his earlier performance in the episode...i know they claim to judge based on each individual challenge as it occurs, but i'm guessing it helped that he was in the top three for the QF.

          2. re: sugarbuzz

            Maybe Colicchio tired of the bear commentary? (though I found it amusing)

            1. re: fame da lupo

              I find it annoying. What if a guy says he wants to rape and pillage Padma?

              1. re: Ericandblueboy

                Is that what the guy said in relation to Colicchio?

                1. re: Ericandblueboy

                  I don't recall anyone saying anything about raping or pillaging Collichio. He just said that Tom is considered a sexy bear.

                  1. re: KTinNYC

                    KT is right...he just made a comment about how excited he was to see Colicchio, the "hot, sexy bear icon" [or something to that effect] walking toward them. no mention of anyone being raped or pillaged, and for he record, many a male cheftestant has remarked on Padma's sex appeal.

                    someone asked Colicchio during an interview last year if the "bear" comments bothered him, and he apparently doesn't mind them at all - in fact, IIRC i think he may have said he finds it somewhat amusing, and flattering.

              2. re: sugarbuzz

                I think they chose the right man to go home.

                Jeff took leadership and showed that though his dessert didn't work he was able to keep the team together. Had he just been in it for himself he could have probably turned out something better.

                Danny's al dente potatoes were not lack of skill. I'm sure the flavor of them was good. He just made poor cooking choices when it came to what the challenge dealt him.

                Richards lacked originality and basic smore simplicity. If you are going to do a smore you must do it to perfection.

                1. re: Sandwich_Sister

                  When Danny piled in all those potatoes on a sheet into the oven, I said to my husband, you can't do that with potatoes, they'll never cook! I don't know why it didn't occur to him. But, as the judges also said, if it's undercooked, don't serve it.

                  What I liked about Jeff, though he messed up his dishes, is that he didn't push himself as the leader and didn't seem to have that ego. There's a skill to being the unspoken unchosen leader and be able to get cohesion in a group like that. Leah picked who she thought were the best chefs and I'm wondering how those in the Cougars felt.

                  1. re: chowser

                    Jeff also didn't try to get out of the leadership role when others said it to try and avoid going home. I thought Team Cougar may have lost but handled themselves really well. It was interesting I noticed that Tom was waiting for them to crash and burn and was kind of pushing them at the beginning of judges' table and when they were so civil he changed his tune to.... "it was really close, you guys did a good job too"

              3. re: Chefsquire

                The product placement was just ridiculous this time. This was the first time I thought it seemed like the show was putting the products first. You have an incredible chef like Grant Achatz on, yet they don't use him at all. Instead, they had to make soup so they could showcase Swanson broth (featuring recipes from the Top Chef cookbook - in stores now!), then cook Butterball turkeys in GE Profile microwaves. Of course, let's not forget the ever-present Glad family of products.

                Maybe they can just have the chefs start wearing racecar driver jumpsuits laden with logos.

                1. re: theuninvitedguest

                  oh and calphalon ovens.
                  i liked the idea of the quickfire a lot but agree that it was overshadowed by the lame product pushing.

                  1. re: theuninvitedguest

                    Agreed. I watched it twice, because the first time I was so frustrated by the blatant product placement I had to turn it off. "Butterball turkey" as the first item on both team's menus? Plus, how many shots of the Butterball products did they put in that one scene? I don't remember both challenges so obviously revolving around product placement as this one.

                    1. re: theuninvitedguest

                      This is all done directly to circumvent those who use recorders and skip through commercials (like myself).