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Nov 26, 2008 06:57 PM

Buenos Aires for Non-Meat Eater (staying in Palermo)

The hubby and I are leaving for BA in 2 weeks and have only made reservations for 1 dinner at Club 647, so far. Need help with the other meals - problem is, I am a pescaterian (that is, the only meat I eat is seafood). I've encountered pessimism from people who've been to BA, saying I won't find any good place to eat. Help!!!

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  1. Hi Adelly. Worry not! I am from Buenos Aires and I can assure you that it is a complete myth that most people eat meat and that vegetarians are frowned upon or have trouble finding excellent food...let alone if you do eat fish! There are some excellent Spanish and Italian restaurants where you can have veggie and fish dishes. I would definetely recommend El Avila, on Av. de Mayo 1384. The paella is simply stunning! At night, they do flamenco and tapas and the place is very traditional. Another fantastic place is Betanzos, on Venezuela 1534. I had the best fish of my life there without a doubt! Check this link for vegetarian restaurants: is the most complete online restaurant guide for BA so have a look there for scores and reviews from customers. I would also recommend that you try some regional Argy food which can be vegetarian: empanadas de humita or calabaza and humita en chala at CumanĂ¡ in Recoleta or 1810 in Palermo. A great Italian place for me is Guido's Bar where there is no menu and they bring you lots of different dishes to sample, freshly prepared and delicious. If you specify you don't eat meat, that's not a problem. Another excellent place for fish is Nemo's on Cabello 3672, Palermo. Their fish platter is simply out of this world. Hope this helps...There is plenty to enjoy for non-meat eaters in BA! Have fun!

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      Thank you!!! I was afraid I would be forced to eat grilled veggies or something of that sort!

    2. Hi Adelly,

      I can recomend a great sushi restaurant in Congreso called Yuki, it is the best in the city and has great fresh fish. Also if the only place you reserved so far is Club 647 you are not going to be dissapointed in terms of fish. I ate the most incredible white fish of my life there, the flavours and combinations used where really something else.
      Have fun!

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        Thank you for the rec, as well! I will check out both your suggestions!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Best sushi in town: Irifune (, very classic, no fancy rolls but salmon is the best in the city and if you are lucky you might find tuna, bonito and sometimes pelometa and chernia are very good. Better for lunch than dinner, cause is not very cool in terms of decor/ambience.

          Another option for non-meat meals and specialty in seafood is Sipan (, a peruvian-japanese-chinese fusion restaurant hidden into a "galeria" in down town. Try excellent ceviches, tiraditos (sashimi style fish with delicious sauces), pulpo al olivo (octopus) and you might find chinese style rice with seafood also.

          In the same line you can also go to Osaka ( in Palermo, wich is the trendy neighborhood in Buenos Aires, full of nightlife and restaurants.

          For a full veggie option try Artemisia, I've heard it's good, browse it at Guia Oleo too.

          Have lots of fun.

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            This is really helpful, thanks! Osaka I've been hearing about on this board already, but Irifune and Sipan sound new to me. I'll definitely look into them!

          2. Hey adelly, people don't realize that BA has world class Italian pastas all over the place. Pizza is an art form. Also the grilled provoleta cheese is delicious and served just about everywhere. Persicco's gelato is incredible and Freddo's is good too. You'll be there in summer so you will enjoy great salads; I love ensalata con remolacha (with beets). You will love the medialuna pastries in the morining too.

            To be blunt, sushi in BA sucks. It is really primitive compared to what you get at home. Don't make a special trip to any sushi place there.

            I admit that my 5 favorite words are "bife de lomo a punto." But you will be amazed how well you will eat without touching a steak.

            Palermo is a really cool place. I think I remember a vegetarian place on Gurruchaga a few doors down from the Felix boutique. I am straying from food, but I love the soap store Sabater Hermanos a few blocks down for their coco flavor soap.