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Chopstix- Perry Hall

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After reading the review in the Baltimore Sun, we tried out Chopstix in the Honeygo Shopping Center and we now have a new go-to Chinese restaurant.

For starters, this place is super clean. IMO, the other Chinese restaurants in this area--including some that get good remarks on this board--are pretty grungy inside. Plus, the service was great. We were seated immediately and within seconds had placed a drink order. The food was well-paced and we never waited for a beverage refill.

The food was above average. The Sun gave it 3 stars and rightly so. My husband had a spicy tuna roll and the pad thai with shrimp. He really enjoyed both items although the pad thai was a little on the sweet side. The server offered to get him some chili sauce and that balanced the flavors. I had the pork dumplings and shrimp with string beans. Both were really good and the string beans were nice and spicy.

The prices were about average; with tax and tip, we spent $48. They are BYOB, but there is a nearby liquor store.

For the first time in a long time, I have no complaints about a Chinese restaurant!

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  1. I LOVE them and the fact that you can bring your own alcohol. Seriously the mark up on drinks in a restaurant is at least 300%, you can really save $ this way.