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Nov 26, 2008 05:11 PM

ISO samgyetang

me and my friends are looking for this we know they have it at ajuker chicken but its a lil expensive at 14 bucks do they have it anywhere else in toronto

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  1. Is this a kind of soup? Like chicken ginseng soup? I believe a lot of korean restaurants have this. Are you looking for a downtown place? Korean Village near Bloor and Christie should have it. I had it at the korean BBQ at Market Village (Markham) I do not remember how much it was though.

    1. I've had it at Apkujung and To Dam Gol, both on Yonge , between FInch and Steeles, but they weren't great, and I think more than $14. You can actually buy fresh ginseng from the Korean supermarkets and make it yourself.