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Nov 26, 2008 05:06 PM

Anatolia's Gate - a nice Turkish surprise in Burnaby

I had heard of Anatolia's Gate for the first time here on Chowhound sometime last year ( ). SInce then, I have read and heard other good reports from others and at various review sites.

This place was a great surprise. The food was very very good. All their flatbreads are made fresh on the spot when you order. Here, they serve their donair kabob wrapped with a freshly made pide (pita) pulled out of the oven mere seconds before they stuff it with filling. It is by far the best donair I have had here in town (I'm not a shawarma/donair person, but this was good).

The proprietors are Turkish who lived and operated a Turkish restaurant in NY City (it is still open for business - probably being run by relatives).

Check it out. They also serve pizza...and from the looks (and taste) of their Pide and Lahmajun - I bet you their pizza will be good.

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  1. again with the hot tips, thanks fmed! i'll see how it compares to my current middle-eastern fave, abdul's bbq also on kingsway...maybe start a syria/turkey battle in my mouth.

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      My photos didn't "stick"...let me try again:

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        Oh dear oh dear, how I love fresh pitas! Thanks for another great find.

    2. Thanks for the review and photos fmed! Btw, where on Kingsway is Anatolia's Gate located? Yum shwarma

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        Anatolia's Gate Restaurant
        7084 Kingsway, Burnaby
        Tel: (604) 525 -2519

        It is kitty corner from Middlegate Mall.

        Just to manage some expectations...the donair (in this case Iskender kebab) is less spiced than the more familiar shawarma in general. I notice that some reviews mentioned the light spicing of the meat. I am personally all about the bread - eg with pizza - it's all about the crust for me...the topping is secondary. Here, the pide (pita) is what really makes it special.

      2. Yes! Been there 3 times since we moved back to Vancouver in September. Its very good food. Love the fresh pita!