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Nov 26, 2008 05:03 PM

Wedding location help? (ceremony+cocktails+dinner/dance - 150+ guests)

Any recommendations for places - could be a restaurant to rent out, or other kind of space - that would allow for good food on a budget, and enough for decorations and entertainment - and enough space? Can be in Manhattan, also the outer boroughs.

I'll be back in a few months with rehearsal dinner requests too!

Thanks : )

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  1. what sort of PP budget are you looking at?

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    1. re: vatl619

      120pp. I know it sounds crazy for Metro area, but a few places have been able to meet it (Marriott, etc)

    2. Battery Gardens. We got married there. It was AMAZING! The food was great, the place is beautiful - it really was just perfect. And the people are so helpful and kind. We really don't have a single bad (or even not wonderful) thing to say about our experience having our wedding there.

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      1. re: jenhen2

        CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!! That's awesome! I did look at that place, it was very gorgeous. Did you find the reception room layout a bit funny, with the narrow piece in the middle? How many people did you have?

        1. re: Jel212

          Thanks! We had 130 and it worked out perfectly. We were able to have to cocktails / dancing on the north / park side and then the dinner on the waterview side, which was just beautiful. Honestly, it was amazing. They are very willing to work on price, I found. We did ours for less than your budget with full open bar and a lovely sit-down meal. There were a few restrictions around menu items, but it worked out perfectly!

        2. re: jenhen2

          I got married there 2 yrs ago and while i have nothing but raves for the food, staff, setup, etc - it's not at all close to 120pp, especially now...

          1. re: downtownstefanie

            Not close to 120 - above or below? Also, I'm afraid that if dinner and dancing are in almost "separate" rooms, than the older or infirm guests won't be able to enjoy the party as much as everyone else. Even though it sure is a lovely place.

            1. re: Jel212

              It wasn't seperate. It was just set off. I liked it that way, so people could mingle / talk at their tables and then head over to the dance floor. It was very seamless, due to the glass and light flowing throughout.

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          1. check out the 3 West Club - I overheard a conversatioon that it was an atttractive space at a very reasonable price.

            i dont know anything about the quality of the food might veer towards the wedding factoryish of suburban catering halls, but it's worth a look.
            good luck and congratulations!!

              1. re: LeahBaila

                That place looks very nice - thanks! I think we're going with Nov or April, so it might be too cold, unfotch.