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Nov 26, 2008 04:58 PM

Brio Mt Kisco Bedford Hills NY

Recently I had lunch with friends at Brio on North Bedford Road between Mt Kisco and Bedford Hills. As usual the food and service was good. I have been going there for many years since it was Johns Best. Rest assured this new incarnation is better in every way. Paul the owner put alot of time and thought into the renovations, menu ,food quality etc.

Paul and I were chatting and he told me that they were changing the name of the restaurant from Brio to "345". This is not a change of ownership or chefs. It seems that Brio was a registered name of some midwestern chain and they insisted that he could not use the name.

In view of the current economic climate and the resulting difficulty in the restaurant business
in particular, I am writing this to let everybody know that this very good,friendly restaurant remains the same. Same owner. Same chef.

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  1. I used to go there when it was John's Best. What surprises me with the new owners is why haven't they cut down all of the overgrowth in the front - you can't even see the place!!! I understand it was intentional by the previous owners, but geeze, wouldn't it make it easier to see the restaurant? What are they thinking?!!

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      Inside is very pretty, but I was not thrilled with the food. I had a pizza, and I loved the thin crust, but the sauce was way too peppery - my mouth was burning. I sent it back and they said they had accidentally used the diavolo sauce, but my new one was just as bad. I prefer Tuscan Oven.

    2. Just drove by a few minutes ago. The name has been changed. Not sure if it's the
      same owner. Personally I ate at Brios once, thought the food was so-so and the
      prices were out of hand.

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      1. re: GrifinMil

        Really? No more Brio's? That was quick!

        1. re: wincountrygirl

          GrifinMil and wincountrygirl :Please go back and read the original post. Again.... the name is changed and it is still the same owner and chef. They have NOT changed ownership. The name change was mandatory

          1. re: docooker

            DUH!!! I did read that.Sorry, just back from vacation and my brain has not come home with me!

      2. How does the menu at 345 compare to the old "john's Best" menu? I agree with bakingpw --- they should clean up the front of the restaruant. It looks like a jungle.