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Nov 26, 2008 04:48 PM

Kosher Restaurants Home Made Onion Rings

Does anyone know of Kosher Restaurants in the US that make and serve their own onion rings (as opposed to the kinerit mass produced ones you often see). I am aware of Dougies and Chap a Nosh in the New York City area, that make their own different type of onion rings, are there other places out there with non- mass produced kosher onion rings (dairy or meat restaurants)


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  1. Essex downtown has the most amazing onion rings. they are not to be missed! enjoy!

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    1. re: UWSFoodie

      agree, they are the best with Carlos and Gabbys a close second.

      1. re: HungryJew

        Danalis in Chicago, Fishmans in St Louis Park, MN

      2. re: UWSFoodie

        Good call. I brought some non-Jewish colleagues there and they were raving about them. The batter is sweet, actually.

      3. Noah's Ark in Teaneck, NJ.

        1. Benny's pizza and Cafe Hadar- both in Brooklyn

          1. I haven't eaten at King David in Cedarhurst since the management changed so i can't say for sure, but I know they used to have homemade onion rings.

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            1. re: LI Guy

              Eli hasn't changed the onion ring recipe

              1. re: LI Guy

                i have eaten at king david since the new management changed (the new owner is a close friend) and there food is outstanding, especially their onion rings

                1. re: kiddush hopper

                  ended up at KD for dinner last night, being as I had a $5 coupon and we were discussing onion rings I felt obliagted to order a side of them with my corned beef on club. I'm also close of friend of the owner too,as well as his 7 siblings and parents ;-)

                    1. re: MartyB

                      good, but not everyone is fan of beer batter onion rings.

                      the Corned beef sandwich on club was great. I gotta learn to control myself and only eat half the sandwich and take the other half home. it kinda offsets the 6 days a week I go to the gym to lose weight

                      1. re: berel

                        I wish I can bring myself to go to the gym. I control my weight by going on strict (induction phase) Atkins from Monday morning till Friday morning. Then Fri-Sun I eat anything and everything (kosher of course) - unless I have an event or affair. I have no willpower! Unfortunately(?) I have things coming up - tonight a wedding in Crown Heights, event at the Marriot this Sunday, ChaiLifeline dinner at the Grand Hyatt Tuesday, Chailifeline Chanukah party following Sunday (lots of donuts & latkes, just what I need), with other things (Bar Mitzvah, weddings coming down the pike this month). I need to stop using my bike and treadmill as a coat rack:)

                        I stepped into Carlos & Gabby last night to pick up their menu, nice place and reasonable prices. I noticed that they have on their menu "homemade onion rings" with, if memory serves me, a "new" designation next to it.

                        1. re: MartyB

                          I'm not a fan o f the atkins diet . weight isn't the issue, body fat is the issue, and the only real way to burn bodyfat is to excercise (weight training even more than aerobics is what burns fat) when one excercises one actually needs carbs with protein to burn fat .

                          but to stay on subject, let me say we almost went to Carlos and Gabby's for dinner last night but my wiife has to chew soft soft for this week while her dental work is being fixed, so we opted for KD instead

                          1. re: berel

                            Carlos and Gabby's in Brooklyn? Or LI?

                    2. re: berel

                      Our kids went to school with the "Bonim" boys. Yeah, the onion rings are fab.

                      1. re: midasgold

                        I'm Bonim boy #8's Kevata (sp?)

                        a corned beef on club, a bowl of pickles and onion rings , Olam haba in olam hazeh

                2. I LOVE Mr. Broadway's onion rings!!

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                  1. re: Queena75

                    Ditto, They are a totally different beast then the other ones mentioned above. It is almost like they are dipped in pancake or funnel cake batter. The dough is much fluffier and slightly sweet. The combination is surprisingly delicious. Several of my non-kosher co-workers have raved about them:
                    "These onion rings are exceptional!"
                    "I no longer need a girlfriend"

                    Everything else at Mr. Broadway is so-so, but I keep ordering from them because of their onion rings.

                    As a great connoisseur of onion rings, I would also give an honorable mention to Wolf and Lamb. These are the typical style, but very good.

                    Still, nothing holds a candle to the onion rings at Mr. Broadway. In fact, I wrote a haiku:

                    Crunchy Perfection
                    Rings, fluffy in the middle
                    then comes the onion

                    1. re: w0den

                      maxs in maryland has the same type of ring, we used to say they were like a krispy kreme with an onion in it, horrifying but delicious