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Nov 26, 2008 04:05 PM

pretending you home-cooked it

I'm wondering what foods other chowhounds are saying you spent hours slaving over, when you really BOUGHT your thanksgiving contribution. I picked up a couple of quarts of creamed spinach at Sarges Deli on 3rd Ave, moved it into a piece of tupperware that isn't the kind you get with take-out, and I'm ready to go for t-day. just curious what suggestions you all have for next time! Liz

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  1. Ooooh, you ARE a lizardqueen!!! How sneaky of you. I do the reverse. Spend hours slaving over an apple pie and tell everyone it's a Mrs. Smiths ; ) Happy T-Day, Adam

    1. That's just....unfortunate.

      You understand you're asking people what they're planning to lie about, right?

      My suggestion is make it yourself if you're going to tell people you made it yourself. Or, alternatively, tell them where you got it if you bought it.

      1. Well, I actually enjoy cooking these days, but years and years ago when I was 19 I bought some frozen rolls, stuck poppy seeds on them and said they were mine. And they believed me! Not that I'm proud of it......

        1. It never fails for someone to find out and cause a bit of embarrassment. Oh, not speaking of myself, here. My Sis is one to take the path of glory, only to be ashamed for gloating.

          I was trained by my granny, that honesty is the best policy. I have had my disappointments, but who hasn't? No need for cover-ups makes a better cook anyway. Learning wise.

          1. I decided to cheat on the gravy this year and my plan backfired royally. Instead of relying on Bisto - the ultimate cheater gravy - I bought a packet that advertised 'rich gravies and sauces' only to discover at the last minute that it was basically soup stock. D'oh! I had lovely, fresh turkey stock, but couldn't be bothered to make gravy after having already decided to take a short cut. Fortunately I had some Bisto onion gravy in the cabinet, so I added that. Yes, Bisto saved the day and I felt like such a dolt, I told everyone about it.