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Nov 26, 2008 03:54 PM

Non dairy (inc egg) recipe needed for "cream" on kid's b/day cake.

Any ideas??

The cake is a vanilla flavoured non dairy cake with faux egg.

Any ideas for a cream filling??

This is for a 5 y/o b/day cake.


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  1. whole foods carries a whipped cream that comes in a can that is made of soy. there's also a product called "hip whip," somewhat similar to cool whip. neither is as nasty as you might think. maybe one of them would do the trick?

    1. do a web search for vegan buttercream/filling/frosting recipes...or try this one from CH:

      1. I can't offer you a specific recipe, but I'll mention that I had a vegan carrot cake last week with a delicious almond butter frosting. You might try googling for vegan frosting to find a recipe. Several for peanut butter frostings popped up.

        1. Several Duncan Hines frostings in a can are dairy free. I cannot, however, swear that they are egg free so check the ingredients.

          Also, this brand -- Cherrybrook Kitchen -- is egg free and dairy free. They have frostings. They sell it at Whole Foods.

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            i can't speak to the canned, prepared Cherrybrook Kitchen frosting, but please don't waste your money on the boxed frosting mix - it's nothing more than confectioner's sugar, salt, and vanilla...a complete rip-off.

          2. Anything that is "Parve" is dairy free. Try a kosher grocery store...