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Nov 26, 2008 03:15 PM

Summer Savory

Hello chowhounds,

I have a recipe for a turkey that calls for using summer savory. I'm having a tough time finding it fresh and am wondering if I could use the dry form? If so, how much when the recipe calls for two fresh sprigs? I'm to put it in the cavity of the bird.

thanks in advance

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  1. Savory is similar to sage, with a sweeter aroma. If you can find a sage recipe, use the same amount of dried savory as dry sage. Presumably you are putting onion or apple or some other vegetable in the cavity - I'd put the dried savory onto that rather than directly onto the carcass, This is all very flexible - after all, the amount of seasoning will vary with the size of the bird.

    1. The standard formula is 3 parts fresh herb = 1 part dried herb. So if your recipe for example called for 3 teaspoons of minced fresh savory, you would use 1 teaspoon dried savory.

      1. i'm not sure what your recipe is...but if you wanted you could use rosemary! :)

        1. Have never heard of using it fresh! And summer savory is the herb of choice in Atlantic Canada.