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Nov 26, 2008 02:25 PM

Another Great Visit at 112Eatery (MSP) for Jfood

Jfood is beginning to feel like the Norm in the old sit-com Cheers at 112 Eatery. Four visits over the last six weeks and he seems to get the same seat at the bar. After failing miserably in his search for a decent burger in MSP, he remembered the elderly gentleman’s comment on his first visit when he recommended the112 burger. So Jfood wanted to give it a try.

As he sat on his barstool and looked at the menu, those words “foie gras meatballs” kept grabbing his eyes. Now wait, the purpose was to have a cheeseburger tonight, so stay focused. When the bartender arrived for the order, it just happened. It was intervention from a force greater than Jfood, he felt embarrassed, apologized up front and stated “I’ll have the pasta with the foie gras meatballs for an appetizer and the burger with fries for an entrée.” No eyebrows were raised, so Jfood guessed he was not the first. Perfect, no need to worry.

Jfood went back to his book (appropriately he is reading “The Man Who Ate the World”) and waited for one of his favorite dishes. The pasta arrived and this was the best batch he has eaten. The pasta was perfect, the meatballs had that perfect level of foie tang and they were moist and succulent. Jfood almost called it a night because he felt the burger could never live up to the appetizer. But in the interest of others and his quest for a good MSP burger he persevered and continued.

The burger and fries arrived. The portion of fries was enormous, no chance to finish, and along side the fries was a side of ketchup and a side of mayo. OK, Jfood has read on these boards how people like mayo on fries, here was an opportunity and Jfood decided to try it. Sorry guys, it did nothing for Jfood. So he cleansed his palate with a couple of fries in ketchup. Then he moved onto the burger, which is served on an English muffin. Although cheeseburgers always come with the cheese on top when delivered, Jfood always flips it over to add ketchup and slow down the bun absorbing the juices from the burger and creating a sloppy bun (it’s the little things, right?).

Jfood placed ketchup on the burger and cut in half. The first thing he noticed was the color and texture. Since he was sitting at the bar, it was a little dim, but he was definitely looking at diced onions in the meat. That’s a good thing. The second was the color of the meat, it was very pale, almost the color of veal versus beef. He took a bite and he loved it. The onions definitely added a layer of flavor but there was something else in the meat. Jfood asked the bartender if the meat was beef and what other ingredients were in the burger. The bartender confirmed the beef plus told Jfood there was egg and thyme in the meat. The combination made for a really good burger, plus Jfood always enjoys a burger on an English Muffin. The fries were a little overcooked but again, Jfood enjoyed the 25% of the fries he could eat, there were just so many.

So once again Jfood has a wonderful meal at what is turning out to be his go-to place in MSP. Jfood smiled at his luck for this evening. His regular seat, a perfect dish of pasta and foie gras meatballs, a wonderful burger and fries and the knowledge he was heading back east in the morning.

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  1. Sounds fabulous.

    We do have a few good burger places. Bulldog NE is a popular one. I like the Monte Carlo in DT MPLS, but the rest of their food is so-so.

    1. ha! a vegetarian giving feedback on burgers. lollya is the vegetarian in case you were wondering.
      i've heard though, a few places come up repeatedly involving best burgers. Lions Pub, 5/8 Club and Matts. Just in case you were looking for more!

      1. Some other places that have good burgers are the Bryant Lake Bowl, Duplex and the Dakota.

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        1. re: Somnifor

          oh and i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuurv Bryant Lake Bowl. Never had their burgers, but I just think they have the best damn little place going for them.

        2. the bar at WA Frost has an excellent burger.

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          1. re: St Paul Susie

            I was going to add that too but I used to work there. I ate a lot of burgers in my days at Frost.

            1. re: Somnifor

              We just went last night - Chowspouse loves the burgers. I love everything else & I get a bite of a burger and a few fries.

              Service last night in the bar was top notch.

          2. I love the cheeseburgers at Our Kitchen and the Bandbox. On the smallish side so order two if your are really famished. Also 58 the 58 Club - that place out on on 58th and Cedar. Their juicy lucy is much better than Matt's burnt offerings.

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            1. re: scoopG

              Since I discovered that it is only ~2 miles from my friend's house, I've been to the 5-8 a handful of times. Great, simple burger. Not mind blowing or super complex by any means, but miles ahead of your chain sports bar crap.

              We were there on Sunday night before we went to the Vikings game, and it was packed. Still, our burgers came out in less than 10 minutes.