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Nov 26, 2008 12:41 PM

pie dough help.

i was trying to make an exceptional flaky pie dough this year and tried extra hard (maybe too hard) not to overmix my dough. In the process, and my over thinking, I believe I did not add enough water to the dough. It's been resting in the fridge now for about 40 minutes. Do you think I can remove, crumble, and add more water to make it more smooth and less cracky and floury? I worry about rolling it out. Thoughts?


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  1. Yes, you could rework it. The operative word here "rework" means you'll probably have an overworked dough with too much gluten development and that'll make it tough. You might try sprinkling the dough lightly (a very fine misting spray head on a bottle of water wold serve this urpose well) as you roll it out. The surface will become sticky (a rolling pin nightmare) but if you use a sheet of waxed paper between the rolling pin and the dough you may find it workable; albeit you'll have to peel the waxed paper off very carefully.
    Flaky, in pie crust terms, usually means high shortening levels. If you're reducing water to increase the flakiness it won't do the job for you.

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      I rolled it out and it was absolutely perfect. And yes, reducing the amount of liquid in a pie crust will also yield a flaky crust. Too much water and too much mixing will make it leathery and tough.

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        I'm sorry, I got confused. I thought you wanted some thoughts on the subject. I somehow missed the fact that you didn't need the input.

    2. You should only add as much ice water to the flour mixture to bring it together. Which is only a couple tablespoons per pie. It should be stiff and non sticky.

      1. Next year, give the Cook's Illustrated vodka pie dough recipe a shot-- it substitutes half the ice water with vodka to prevent gluten formation while allowing you to add enough liquid to make the dough very workable. It's crazy good and rolls out like playdoh- super smooth and doesn't crack even when rolled vigorously.

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          I'll second the Cook's Illustrated vodka trick--makes the dough super-easy to handle and the results are tender and flaky.

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            i'll be sure to try this next time. i've been hearing about this recipe non stop for the last week! gobble gobble.