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Nov 26, 2008 12:07 PM

New Year's Dining on Grand Cayman

I am looking for a place to spend New Year's eve. Want good food, great atmosphere, maybe some music, and fun. Open on cuisine and price. High end dress up or fun and funky, either way.

Definitely don't want just a bar though, want dinner etc. Also, we are 30 and 40 somethings as a point of reference.

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  1. For a nice dinner I would recommend Blue or 7 Prime at the Ritz. The beach cabana's are very nice. Might want to call them and see if there's anything special going on for New Year's.

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    1. re: steve999

      How about Calypso Grill? Not sure if there will be music that night, but the food and atmosphere are both terrific.

    2. I would recommend the Grand Old House or Papagallo's (sp?). Both have excellent food, great wine lists but you'd have to check on NY's activities. Let us know how it worked out for you! Good luck!

      1. Grand Old House is the best for New Year - always music and on the sea. excellent food - good wine list - should dress up a bit. other comparable restaurants are Ragazzi and Luca. the hotels all have big ballroom affairs.While you are here make sure to have dinner at Bacchus for great food. Plus Abacus, and echo Calypso Grill.

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          I see that Rum Point restaurant reopened - any word on that?

          1. re: Friend of Bill

            it is common for many high end restaurants in the caribbean to close for a month or so in the off season at a time. so calypso is now open for the season after its month off.

            1. re: Friend of Bill

              Are you referring to the "Wreck at Rum Point" or is there a more upscale restaurant there now?

                1. re: Dirtybird

                  There's restaurant space at the Retreat at Rum Point, attached to the hotel and separate from the Wreck Bar. It was closed and empty last year when I was there.

              1. re: twohey

                Bacchus ... nah. Last time I went there, my steak was pretty uncooked, the lobster was way overcooked, the wine served was the wrong one, the server inexperienced and giggly.

                1. re: HaveSpoonWillCook

                  Ok, HSWC, your last two posts have told us what you don't like on Grand Cayman Island. Can you give us some recommendations?