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Nov 26, 2008 11:23 AM

Mildred's temple kitchen?

Is Mildred's Temple Kitchen open yet? Has anyone been? And while I am on the topic: anyone been to Oasi?

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  1. It is open and they should have their liquor licence by the end of this week.

    1. I gather they had a soft opening during the last couple of weeks and we got the official opening notice today. Other than the address and a link to open table, there is no info on their new website.

      1. I went there for brunch on saturday.

        Somewhat resembles C5 in a sense that there is a lot of space, plenty of breathing room.
        Similiarities end there. They have kept with the loftish feel. Think of flooding a huge space with pickings from the ikea catalogue. That's what we thought anyway.

        We had ricotta gnudi with berkshire pork bits, fried sage and plenty of caramelized onion, very well done, sweet and starchy. loved it.

        roast chicken biryani, i expected a bit more pilau, the chicken was tender and juicy. The crispy skin was slathered in a braised onion sauce. I believe there was also some chutney.

        poached grouper was bland, tasteless, in a leek broth i believe, surrounded by delicious organics. Lots of heirloom potatoes, winter greens. I would have loved the stock as asoup, but the fish, was boring.

        apple tart finished it off, excellent.

        Came to around $80. Fish was $26, Chicken was $25, gnudi was $13

        I like the space, the bar, lots of ambient light.
        Service is very careful, almost annoying (because of the constant hovering and questioning) but i understand that they're just trying very diligently to please everyone.
        Obviously the menu is still being worked on, would return

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        1. re: Suresh

          awesome! I've been waiting all summer for temple kitchen to be opened, I missed out on mildred pierce - good to hear you liked it, the chicken sounds amazing

          1. re: muito

            What's even more amazing are the photos. I'll post them tomorrow morning

            1. re: Suresh

              Do they still do the burger? Maybe it was only at lunchtime on weekends.

              1. re: Squeakycheese

                There was a burger on the menu when I was there last week.

        2. Are there more pictures of the restaurant?
          I'm looking for a resto/lounge with good food place for new years... This might work?

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            1. re: Suresh

              Thanks Suresh!

              The food looks stunning. That Gnudi dish has me salivating.

              The place seems rather empty and baron, though. Except for those two silver vixens in your second 'Venue' photo, you appeared to be the only party there...?

              1. re: Suresh

                the ice cream on the apple tart looks was it?

                1. re: robgm

                  The tamarind ripple ice cream was was too cold, frozen solid. Had to wait a bit for it to soften up.

                  There were 2 parties when I arrived, an hour later (around 2pm) it was quiet.
                  However, there were many locals that popped in for tours.

                  1. re: Suresh

                    Thanks for the pix, I'm going for brunch next weekend, can't wait!! :)

                    1. re: muito

                      You will. They don't take reservations. Expect a lineup.

                2. re: Suresh

                  I am so, so glad that they kept the chicken biryani on their menu! Although you're right, I think they used to include more pilau.

                1. re: Squeakycheese

                  beautiful photos...
                  menu looks great. Can't wait to give it a go!

                  1. re: sydandsys

                    Went last weekend... unfortunately the menu I posted seems to be wrong... but go definitely, we had a great time. One thing, unless you know the are well phone and get directions, its a bit hard to find. Cheers!