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Nov 26, 2008 11:14 AM

Asheville to Central TN?

Any good roadfood along 40 between Asheville, NC and Cookeville, TN? Specifically breakfast., but we might re-arrange the itinerary for a truly great lunch or dinner . . .

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  1. You are in Cracker Barrel country, I am sorry to say. People like Long's Drugstore-an old fashioned counter type place on Kingston Pike in Knoxville, off the Papermill Exit of I40 and I75. But, I don't think it is worth a special stop. For lunch, I like Wright's Cafeteria, old fashioned country cooking---off I640 at the Western Ave exit. By the way 40 through Knoxville is closed, so you will take 640 while is a short loop and brings you back to 40. Wish I had a truly great recommendation for you

    1. That's only about a 3 - 3 1/2 hour drive. Might be the best idea to eat before you leave and then at your destination. There's not much along that route except, like LGD said, Cracker Barrels and fast food.

      Been driving that route regularly for almost 30 years. If I'm going to eat on that trip, I'll take my own.

      1. Thanks, guys! Sorry to hear about the steady advance of homogenized foodstuffs . . .guess it's everywhere. We might try to check out Wright's for lunch, though! Thanks again and we'll report back with our findings. . .

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          If you go to Wright's definitely get the fried chicken-delicious. also they make fresh banana pudding every day. Love the deviled eggs. They have things like fried okra, stewed cabbage, green beans, lima beans, mashed potatoes. chicken and dumplings served with dressing. Their parker house rolls float through the air.