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Dec 22, 2003 08:02 PM

Chitterlings (Soul/Southern food) near Westside?

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Looking for "chit'lins" near the Westside -- or anywhere in SoCal, if necessary. I've been craving them since moving out of my South Carolina-born father's house.

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  1. The only place I know that had them for sure is no longer in business, that I know of...Dem Bones.

    Maybe try M&M Soul Food on Centinela? 310 215-8186

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    1. re: Kishari

      There used to be a coffee shop on Washington near Normandie that had a chitterlings special a day or two a week - but that was a while ago and they were served hot - I was brought up eating pickled or 'soused' chitterlings like a lunch/deli meat. Gosh they were good.

      1. re: Zoe

        Definitely looking for the "hot" kind. Was never a fan of the pickled version, though my sister loved it that way.

        Thanks for the info. I'm disappointed there's nothing closer. Last I knew, Aunt Kizzy's (assuming it's still there) didn't serve chit'lins. I'll definitely try M&M.