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Nov 26, 2008 10:02 AM


On tuesday I drove 45 minutes to go to Costco when it opened, it was standing room only to get in, I was making alot of thanksgiving pies so it seemed like the perfect place to go, except they did not have canned pumpkin, EGGS, unbleached flour so after all that I went to the grocery store 5 minutes from my house. Alot of the people in the store seem to be there only to eat free food, which I find so annoying, there all blocking the aisles with carts standing there eating. I can't figure out who they want to shop there. It's not supplied for restaurants, there is no
11#chocolate. Whole fish, #10 cans. Sorry I spent 100.00 to be a member.

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  1. They want people who buy in bulk to shop there. A lot of people do. People with four kids can make use out of a ten-pack of toothpaste, four boxes of cereal or six loaves of bread.

    After college, I lived with two roommates....we went to costco about every 6-8 weeks and almost all of our shopping there...saved a nice penny, too.

    More importantly....why did you fork over $100 without knowing what they sell?

    1. I like Costco but there is a lot of things they don't sell. Like lasagna noodles. Wow that sounds like a madhouse mombaker. And you got the pricer membership where you can get in at ten instead of eleven and it was that crowded? Whoa. I would say give them another chance, the day before Thanksgiving is the biggest grocery shopping day of the entire year and this year more people are staying home so it might even be crazier. And you can buy raisins, nuts and other baking stuff. I'm surprised they were out of eggs.But, you know what is best for you and at least you can get your hundred beans refunded if you like.

      1. Costco is not a supermarket. It's a shame that you joined without realizing that.
        We go every couple of months and have saved a lot of money.
        We bought a wonderful TV there for about half the price; they delivered it, and it is the one we had picked out from Consumers. We also get our computer supplies: paper, ink cartridges, etc.
        Their dry goods are excellent. If you have room, their own brand of paper towels, etc. are terrific.
        Their drug items, vitamins, etc. are a real bargain.
        We buy meat and fish there; the steaks, lamb, salmon, etc. are top quality. We also get cheese, nuts, and some produce.
        We always walk out with a rotisserie chicken. I read that they sold 23 million last year. Their chickens are the best! My husband is a great cook, but he says he can't dupicate their chickens.
        There is too much to mention, but if you change your expections, you might find that you are glad you joined.

        1. Don't know about the canned pumpkin or unbleached flour, but they definitely sell EGGS! Did you ask anyone? We've been members for as long as it's been open there. We buy everything from cheese, fruit, breads, meat and spices to cojmputer supplies, paper products, cleaning materials, clothing, TVs and tires. We get prescriptions filled and flu shots there. I'm not sure what you thought you were getting into, but we have that $100 membership and it pays for itself and then some with the 2% back at the end of the year!

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            They were out of eggs which I thought was unusual before thanksgiving. It is more of a store for families and college kids then for people in the food business.

          2. So I went today where angels fear to tread. Costco at six pm Thanksgiving Eve. Luckily I'm no angel. :) It felt like the eye in the center of the hurricane. Parking was fairly easy and there were even a few free samples. They had sooooo many pumpkin pies. But merchandise was being left in random places, I saw some frozen appetizers abandoned on an end cap the poor things! But after about ten minutes the aisles started filling with crazed shoppers like myself, wheeling their carts erratically with desperation. There were no turkeys left. No string beans or celery but they never seen to have those anyway. I wanted to grab a big coffee cake for breakfast but they were gone! I saw a few people with the box of assorted muffins but there were none left in the bakery. Gone were the chocolate pies as well. The tangerines were not up to par. People were still buying the rotisserie chickens as always. I grabbed my four pounds of butter, six dozen eggs and twin vats of pancake syrup and got out while I still could. The best part was a light meal for two for 3.60 at the food court. I figure I'll be stuffing myself soon enough. (loaded pizza slice for me, hot dog for my friend and we shared a soda) It wasn't as crowded as I expected, I think they really got hit earlier, but the shoppers there (like me) had that look in their eyes. They could hear time's winged chariot ever drawing nearer. Happy Thanksgiving to all on this most chowish of holidays!

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