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Nov 26, 2008 09:51 AM

Somewhere you go to again and again (London)

Whether this means that I am lazy or unadventurous, I do not know, but I find myself eating at the same places virtually every week and then fitting other newer places around those favourites.

Hardly a week goes by, for instance, when I do not pay a visit to The Lahore or Tayyabs. Then I have to have my fix of Turkish Kebabs for which I will travel up Kingsland Road and perhaps as far as Stoke Newington. I also eat at least once a week in the local Vietnamese places.

Does your eating follow a similar pattern? Are there places that you have on weekly rotation?

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  1. I find in London that I eat out locally (ie walking distance from home or office) 80% of the time as the city is not the cheapest or fastest to navigate. Though I was much more adventurous prior to our daughter being born 15 months ago. That said I/we still eat out a few times a week.

    In the last few months I've been frequenting the Oak (wifes fave at the mo), Lucky 7, all the Mexicans in NH, E&O, Thai Rice, Saki, Inaho, Mediterraneo and sister Italians on Ken Park, Vinoteca and Hawksmoor.

    You can probably figure out where I work and live. We go out of our way probably once/twice a month. Would love to add a good chinese to my routine but have found nothing good in walking or delivery distance.


    1. I think it's nice to have regular places. I find myself going back to Vinoteca, Pham Sushi, the Prince Bonaparte, my local Indian place and Raoul's time after time. It doesn't help my food blog out but for the sake of convenience and certain tried and tested dishes that you just crave it can't be helped.

      1. Fernandez & Wells in Soho. Not weekly, but at least once a month.

        Also, on Brick Lane on Sundays, there are these Japanese ladies who do chicken katsu for 4 quid. I usually get that at least once a month too. (It's not a storefront...on Sundays, they are just south of the entrance to the Sunday Upmarket on Brick Lane.)

        1. Oysters at Wright Bros. or Shellseekers, Borough Market....

          1. Very similar story here. I got to Mirch Masala almost weekly and Hawksmoor when I want a steak. Neither has ever let me down.