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Nov 26, 2008 08:44 AM

Indian in/around Bridgewater, NJ

With the closing of Alishaan on 202 (I know, over a year ago), I don't know of any decent Indian restaurants in or around Bridgewater. Anyone have any suggestions? I tried that place over near the library on Prince Rodgers (can't remember the name), but it wasn't very good (altough it's been a while).

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  1. Try Desi-Chef, a takeout-only hovel on Rt 28 in Somerville. Biryani and Masala Dosas I can walk to!

    1. Dj487, I feel your pain!

      I posted a similar, though more general, question about a year ago and didn't really get any recs. for the Bridgewater/Somerville area. Your only option may be to head south towards Princeton or east towards New Brunswick. By the way, the Indian place on Main Street in Somerville has also closed.

      For The Engineer - where exactly is Desi-Chef?

      1. The place on Prince Rodgers is called Bombay Grill, IIRC. That' the only one we found in the area too. The next closest one is Pooja, on Washington valley rd in Warren. Spices are tuned down but they'll spice it up if you ask.
        When we feel like real Indian we drive to Edison/Iselin.

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          Pretty sure the place on Prince Rodgers is Bombay Spice, not Bombary Grill. Whatever its name, I agree that the food is average at best.

          Years ago, there used to be a number of good, small Indian places along Route 27 between New Brunswick and Princeton. I have no idea if any of them are still there. Perhaps someone out there knows.

          As I mentioned in another thread, there is also a Pooja on Easton Avenue in the town of Somerset, some 10-15 minutes from Bridgewater. Not sure if there is any connection with the Pooja in Warren but I'm told there was some kind of connection with Alishaan.