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Nov 26, 2008 08:32 AM

Where to buy prepared (whole) Thanksgiving turkey?

A few years ago, our family ditched defrosting a whole turkey and opted to buy a prepared whole turkey instead from Marie Callendars in Arcadia. Does anyone know where else I could buy a good prepared whole turkey dinner? And would it be too late to order one today, the day before Thanksgiving? Haha :)
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. I got a whole prepared meal at Whole Foods one year when my kitchen was in disrepair. It was pretty good!

    1. Bristol Farms and Gelson's have both been advertising these, and I think most of the "mainstream" supermarkets offer them too. About how late you could order, I do not know.

      Did you not care for your Marie Callendar turkey. or is it just that you're past their deadline? My niece down in San Diego is a very busy engineering designer with a houseful of kids, and she's been getting whole meals from MC for the last several Thanksgivings. We go down there on Friday every year for TG2, and the Callendar stuff is almost as good as what I've cooked the day before!

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        Just came back from Bristol Farms - saw ready-to-eat Billy Birds in shrinkwrap for $4.49/lb in the meat case...

      2. Not sure if there is one near you, but my family has enjoyed turkey dinners from Mimi's Cafe for the past several years.

        1. Try the Gelsons in Pasadena. Also, call the Hows market on Huntington Drive. Have to think they have one as well.
          Bristol Farms in So. Pasadena is always the fallback staple.

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            Bludso's still taking order for whole fried turkeys:

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              Thank you for the tip!! The cooked turkey I got from Hows Market saved my day!!! I am a last-minute person and so this info helped me whole lot. The turkey tasted great too! Hows Market rocked!

            2. Mimi's Cafe in Monrovia or Fu Shing in Pasadena.
              Grassroots Market offered smoked turkeys, but you had to pre-order.
              Good luck!