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Nov 26, 2008 07:45 AM

Romantic & Fun - Boston?

Due to my girlfriend's work schedule and my MBA program down in Virginia we haven't had a chance to see each other in almost a month. I'm finally making it back up to Boston on Friday so we'd love to have a great night out together. Normally we wouldn't be too worried about price but with X-mas and a pending vacation coming up neither one of us can afford to break the bank. Currently we're thinking about Craigie on Main, the Butcher Shop or Sel Da Terre - any recs of those 3 or any other suggestions for a great meal that would be $120 to $150 for the two of us (tops) with drinks?


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  1. Radius may be a tad above the price point (depending on what you drink), but it is fun a romantic. I have to also give props to Scampo - good food and some real gems on their wine list. You could also head over the Clink for an after dinner drink across the hall- it's trendy, but supposed to be fun (disclaimer - never been to Clink just seen the lines). I would stay away from Sel Da Terre. I have heard good things about Craigie. I'm not sure the Butcher Shop is romantic, but it's great. The other fun romantic place is Upstairs on the Square.

    1. Gaslight fits my definition of fun and romantic - and with your budget at their lower (very tasty) food prices, you could splurge on wine, champagne, or extra cocktails (though stick with basics or their specialty menu).

      1. You can search for Craigie on Main posts- I just posted a detailed description last week. Summary- great food, casual/fun atmosphere, moderately romantic, you would probably need to share an app and dessert to have drinks and stay within your price range (unless you're not including tax and tip). You could consider Gargoyles which is right in Davis Square- a romantic red line ride across the Charles. I've always thought the tables in front in the bar area with a great view of the sidewalk and garden/flowerboxes and soft warm lighting are very romantic. The back is quiet and stately- romantic in a different more private way.

        1. How about Oleana -- which, I think is one of the best values on the lower high-end. There is also Rendevous. I recently had a great meal at Upstairs (skip the app and end with the cheese plate). I recently had one of the worst service experiences of my life at gaslight -- had to get the MOD 2X to intervene -- and he wasn't helpful (hope they read those comment cards!)

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            Was it in the dining room or at the bar? My great experience there was on a pretty quiet Sunday evening at the bar where both Bethany and another guy could not have been more helpful, friendly, and engaging. They, in fact, even sent me a note the next day for my birthday which my wife had mentioned - I will be curious to know if you get a response to the comment cards - they really seemed to care when I was there.

            1. re: rlh

              bad experience at gaslight was at the bar. my dc had been there recently, and the same experience.

              Also, add Euno (in the north end) to the list. I always forget about euno but food + atmosphere are both a fit for the poster.

            2. re: RoseWethersfield

              Oleana is a good rec, we celebrated our anniversary there and it was both romantic and fun. Trying several dishes between the two of us is romantic, and exploring the flavors is a lot of fun. Hungry Mother is another spot where I've managed to combine the two, and it won't break the bank. I like Sel de la Terre, but it's not terribly romantic.

            3. Romantic and fun seem like a difficult combination. Maybe Grotto or Cuchi Cuchi? My first choice for romantic is Mamma Maria in the North End. Two can eat for $150 there as long as you stick to an inexpensive wine. You can add more fun by picking up cannoli at Mike's before dinner and eating them when you get home. They're better than any restaurant dessert I've had in the North End.