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Nov 26, 2008 06:40 AM

May be a silly question

my wife and i have only been to nyc once.....on this trip, we have one meal apart from the rest of the family.

we have reservations at raoul's and gramercy tavern.

the overall experience is most important to us....we want a good vibe, good food, the most nyc experience we can get.

i know this is apples and oranges, but i just need someone to say "go here and here's why!"

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  1. I'm not sure you you mean the dinners with family are at Raoul's and Gramercy Tavern or if you mean those are the reservation you have for your "alone time". If it is between Raoul's and GT for your alone meal I can only speak to GT (I've never been to Raoul's). GT is a Danny Meyer restaurant and he does things RIGHT. The service at GT is fantastic, the food is wonderful, and it has been a NY favorite for quite a while. Out of what you mention it would be my choice. If you are open to other suggestions I would add Eleven Madison Park (another Danny Meyer restaurant) for a more opulent experience.