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Nov 26, 2008 06:05 AM

Is it too cold to keep my brining turkey outside?

I live in a small apt. in Brooklyn. I'm brining my turkey in a sealed brining bag, live on the 5th floor. Do you think my turkey will freeze if I keep it on the fire escape overnight? Forecast, 35 degree low, 48 degree high.

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  1. how could it freeze if it's not going to hit 32? Even if it did hit 32 degrees it's not going to instantly freeze (freezer temps are usually around 0 F) Those temperatures are fine-- 40 degrees is a pretty standard refrigerator temp. 48 is getting kind of warm for long term storage, but you said "overnight" so you'll be in the colder part of that.

    1. Last time I checked 35F degrees is above freezing at 32F (0 degrees Celsius). I would however put it in a cooler or bucket or some other form of sturdy support before I put it out into the elements. I know being 5 floors up might have some impact on temp, but not much, especially keeping the turkey so close to the building's exterior which I assume is some kind of brick/concrete surface which retains and radiates some heat during the night. On top of that, salt (in your brine) lowers the freezing point to about -10 degrees Celsius. You should be perfectly fine.

      1. I agree with HaagenDazs' suggestion to put it in a cooler if possible. It will minimize any temperature fluctuations and keep your brining safe.

        1. Beyond what the others have said about it not even hitting the freezing point of the salty water, my understanding is that "fresh" turkeys are stored in the upper 20s anyways