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Nov 26, 2008 05:45 AM

Great chow at Hungry Mother

Had dinner at Hungry Mother last night and was very pleased. We didn't have reservations so we ended up at a table in the bar, which was fine. I had the fried oysters appetizer, fried catfish with rice and collard greens and the lemon panne cotta with vanilla poached pears. All were very good and I thought the dessert was particularly fine.

One of my friends had the shrimp & grits with tasso ham, which I liked even better than the oysters and they both had the "french-style" gnocchi, which I also liked better than my own choice.

We had between us 3 beers and two martinis, 3 espressos, 3 deserts, three apps and three main courses and left completely stuffed for about $60/head including tip. The only minor issue was the overly-attentive staff who interrupted conversations several times to ask (generically) how things were going.

I would definitely eat there again and recommend it to anyone interested in their sophisticated-southern chow

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  1. Next time, try the catfish pate - it's exquisite!

    1. This is one of my new favorites in the area. Unfortunately every time I've been the staff have been very inattentive and slow to bring out orders - so good to hear that perhaps they are working on that.

      1. Agree wtih Sgt., service was SLOW and disorganized when I went. Dinner for 5 people ended up being a three hour affair. Being too attentive is a much better problem to have. Maybe I'll go back.

        1. When I went, we actually had probably the most polite waiter I have ever met in Boston. I was very disappointed they didn't have deviled eggs though. Where can I find them?

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            Same here. The service was top-notch from start to finish. And the food was sublime. I started with a creamy celeriac soup and had the French-style gnocchi as my entree. Cocktails were fabulous - esp. the No. 43.

          2. I'm so glad to hear this. I made reservations for New Year's Eve!