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Nov 26, 2008 05:36 AM

Del Posto, Chanterelle, Or Babbo

For a special occasion. I want it to be great and upscale but not stuffy . For 6 people, and I dond want to spend more than about $125.00 per a bit more of less is ok.

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  1. Been to Del Posto and Babbo but not Chanterelle. Definitely Babbo though over Del Posto. While the food was good at Del Posto, it is a rip off for what you get. Really small portions, however you are paying for the great space and rent.

    Babbo on the other hand if definitely better-priced, bigger portions, and better food IMO.

    1. I replied to your other post as well. I'd recommend Babbo. Del Posto is a very large and very noisy restaurant. It's nice but not a place I would recommend for a more romantic (special) dinner. Babbo is smaller and more charming in my opinion. I have never been to Chantrelle.

      1. Personally I love Chanterelle. The service is wonderful and the food fab. Haven't been to Del Posto so can't comment.

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          I think the food is great at all 3, you can't go wrong. Overall, these are 3 of my favorite restaurants in NYC.
          Chanterelle is more quiet, elegant and could potentially feel "stuffy" but excellent service and food- if you want the most elegant option, Chanterelle may be it.
          Del Posto is the most grande space, and I again had excellent food and service- was seated with my husband in a banquette when we went to celebrate our anniversary. However, some seats are most definitely better than others, and it is a bit overpriced.
          Babbo has the most "character" of the 3, but when I was there it was actually louder than my experience at the other 2 with the tables closer together, etc. But I would say by far the most fun. Food may be slightly better here than at Del Posto.