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Nov 26, 2008 05:03 AM

Best apples for applesauce?

On my way to farmers' market to get apples for T-Day applesauce. Any suggestions?

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  1. Where do you live? McIntosh, Mutsu if you leave the peels on, Jonathan, Idared if you leave the peels on, Golden Delicious if you leave out the sugar, Northwestern Greening, Winesap (not Stayman Winesap). Perhaps more than you wanted to know, but I tried to cover the country and the more common apples. Reply with what you bought, and I can tell you which are best. I sound like an apple geek.

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    1. re: drloripalooza

      I think you always get better flavor, not to menion color, by leaving the peels on. I quarter them and cook without peeling or coring, then put the mush through a food mill. Mom always said the best flavor is right under the peel - we didn't have a mill so she stirred it in a colander , mashing it into the sides with a wooden spoon, then a spatula, till only the seeds and peel remain behind.

      1. re: greygarious

        You are right, you do get better flavor and color with peels on. I was going by experience and Roger Yepsen's book "Apples." I leave the peels on only if the apples are IPM, organic, natural, and unwaxed. It depends on what you can find. I live in apple country, so I'm pretty lucky. Just tasted some Roxbury Russets (very good), but my favorite is still Spitzenburg's cinnamony flavor.