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Nov 26, 2008 04:49 AM

Restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner.

Does anyone know of any restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner in the Triangle area?

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  1. I'm going to The Old Place. It's good country style cooking.

    Greg Cox has a list of other places in a recent column.

      1. as blewgo mentions, Old Place really is the best spot for a great down-home Thanksgiving meal. It's not pricey (~$12/person) and it's as good as grandma can make. In fact, I like it as a Thanksgiving tradition so much that I went this past Sunday because I'm going to be out of town this year. Among the items I ate included fried chicken (the best I've had anywhere), country ham, cracklin cornbread, biscuits, turnip greens, limas & corn, chicken & dumplings (outstanding), yams, green beans, fried shrimp, butter beans, and grandma's apple crisp (one of the best desserts I've ever had).

        Here are some photos:

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          We go to the Carolina Inn. It's buffet style & we consistently love it: turkey and all the trimmings as well as I get scrambled eggs and other dishes (vegetarian here) The service is excellent & the food always very fine. We finish off the afternoon sitting on the porch which is truly delightful. considering my past thanksgivings were hellacious, I'm in heaven.

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            The dressing is wonderful. They use left over cornbread and biscuits to make it. They also have chicken livers and gizzards. You may have my share of the gizzards.

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              I can vouch for Carolina Inn as well - the first couple years I lived here we had a membership at the Carolina Club, and of course you can guess who supplies their food. :) They have a classic, traditional Thanksgiving meal that is very well prepared. I took my parents one year and my mother just loved it.

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                Romansperson: just came back: my mother had turkey, gravy mashed potatoes. She found it moist and delicious. My dad raved about the brisket, it was so soft, the best he ever had..
                I found that the egg offering had crab, no problem the chef himself happily made me scrambled eggs & brought them to my table. I really love that. Service is such a big deal to me.

                We finished with fruit crepes and bread pudding for dessert. All excellent.
                The waitstaff brought my OJ asap & brought my coffee ouside for me so I could enjoy a cigarette under the porch. We're a diverse, fussy group and they satisfied all of us.