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Peruvian place in the Marais?

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Hi all,

This is just a quick informational question for you folks. A while ago, I organized a big Peruvian food orgy at my place and one of my guests showed up with a bottle of real *Peruvian* pisco. She said that she got it from a Peruvian food store / traiteur in the Marais, but i had no idea where this was. It's not the traiteur "Casa Picaflor" on rue Tiquetonne (I asked), but my guest couldn't tell me the name of the place.

Does anybody know of this place? Please, in the name of pisco and real aji mirasol, tell me.


p.s. Speaking of which, is there any place in Paris to get something similar to Peruvian corvina? Swordfish is tasty but just doesn't cut it as a replacement in ceviche.

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