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Nov 26, 2008 04:28 AM

Tips for keeping spring rolls crisp

I am bringing spring rolls to a Thanksgiving potluck. Any tips for keeping the spring rolls crispy? Last time I did this, rolls turned a bit soggy by the time they arrived to the party. Still good but no crunch.

I have been frying and putting the fried rolls on a paper towel to dry off. The rolls ended up being stacked on top of each other. Should I place on a metal rack this time? Spread them out more so that they don't stack up?


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  1. Yeah, you want to let them cool on a rack with plenty of space around them until they're fully cooled. Otherwise they'll steam the skins. If you reheat them in a hot oven the oil in the skins will re-crisp them somewhat.

    1. Leaving them on the rack is best to cool but they still won't be crispy as if they just came out of the oil. Spring rolls that are served at room temperature have a chewy texture, not entirely unpleasant, but really not as good as fresh.

      1. Do not transport them covered (lid, foil, plastic). That will raise the humidity in the container and soften the crunch.