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Nov 26, 2008 03:15 AM

Meat Market?

Does anyone have any feedback on Meat Market (on lincoln rd. ) I'm planning a special dinner sometime,end of Dec. and considering P112,
Bourbon Steak, or possibly Meat Market. I've enjoyed the chefs previous work at Touch and KISS steakhouse -anyone remember that?

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  1. If your goal is special, Bourbon Steak is where to go. It is elegant, has great service, and is more of a refined/upscale/gourmet dining experience brought to a steakhouse. The trio of duck fat french fries as an amuse is surreal, as is the truffle oil potato foccacia. The steaks are great, sides are delicious. The one knock is the obscenely expensive wine list. I would recommend bringing your own and paying the $25 corkage.

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    1. re: mikek

      Haven't been to Meat Market yet so it's tough to compare, though Bourbon Steak's food is very good.

      The Bourbon Steak wine list is something of a crapshoot pricewise but not across-the-board outrageous. In fact there are a number of decent bargains to be found along with a number of pretty extreme markups. I say this keeping in mind that South Florida high-end restaurants generally have pretty high markups, as a result of which locally I consider anything at or under 2x retail to be a "bargain," while anything at or over 3x retail is cause for resentment, with the range in between being somewhat fair game depending on the wine.

      Some examples of decent prices, focusing on the lower range (restaurant price first, then release price; note that I believe that the wine list on the website is kept current in real-time) -
      - Sigalas Santorini 2006 $44 / $22
      - Finca Allenda Rioja (White) 2004 $44 / $27
      - Pascal Jolivet Sancerre 2006 $49 / $25
      - Calera Central Coast Chard 2006 $38 / $16
      - Betts & Scholl Riesling 2007 $56 / $29
      - Tikal Amorio 2006 $67 / $33
      - Calera Central Coast Pinot 2006 $54 / $24
      - Bergstrom Cumberland Reserve Pinot 2006 $72 / $45
      - Tablas Creek Syrah 2003 $78 / $35
      - Torbreck Juveniles Syrah 2007 $54 / $25
      - Gilles Robin Papillon Crozes-Hermitage 2006 $66 / $29
      - JL Chave Silene Crozes-Hermitage 05/06 $65/60 / $27
      - Perrin Gigondas 2005 $62 / $27
      - Delille D2 2006 $86 / $35
      - Palacios Petalos Bierzo 2005 $54 / $22
      - Emilio Moro Ribero del Duero 2005 $87 / $35

      If your gripe is that there are not many wines in the $50 and under range, that is true, at least among the reds. But under any circumstances it's not going to be a cheap night out, with most apps in the high teens + and almost all entrees starting at high $30s and going up from there.

      One other note - Wine Spectator Wine of the Year Casa Lapostolle Clos Apalta 2005 is on the list at $196. Before the WOTY was announced this wine sold for about $75, retailers are now selling for $110+ so this price is less than 2x current retail.

      Plus it happens to be one of the better wine lists in town.

      1. re: Frodnesor

        Sorry, let me re-phrase. The wine list has some reasonable bottles across the board. When I think of a steakhouse, I think of a cabernet or cab-heavy Bordeaux, and that part of the list is somewhat lacking (or at least when I dined there), with VERY few bottles even under $100. In taking a quick glance-over, I saw only two cabs on the entire menu under $100. Maybe over-priced is not the correct word, but rather, in Cabernets there are few options available in the $60-$90 range. We wound up bringing the 2001 Tom Eddy Cabernet and they were most accomodating and welcoming of the bottle brought from home. The meal was truly delicious too.

        1. re: mikek

          Yes California Cabs and Bordeaux are steakhouse traditions. They are also among the most overpriced wines to start with, and so that's not where I usually go looking for bargains. Though you are right that there are pretty much no <$100 wines in those categories on the list. While it's not easy, it is still possible for a restaurant to find provide values in that group as well, but it seems their approach is to look for value wines in other varietals instead.

        2. re: Frodnesor

          Calera, Petalos and Torbreck are all great deals and would stand up to steak quite well. Gigondas, is gigondas

      2. I gotta say, Ive never been a big fan of the steaks at P112 but I was there a little over a week ago and had a fantastic filet mignon, presented already sliced and a nice med-rare. I really love their apps there though. They had a phenomenal scallop/shortrib app there that was quite filling and their foie gras portion is enormous compared to what Ive received elsewhere. The pineapple/apricot salsa (I could be way wrong here but it was fruity and delicious) was a great add to the foie dish too. I practically licked the plate clean. Salads are also ENORMOUS (we split the filet and the green goddess salad and still had a huge plate of leftover salad).

        Ive yet to try Bourbon Steak (my poor excuse is the distance from where I live) but Ive been to a few other Michael Mina restaurants and Ive found the steaks to be phenomenal. In fact, I think the best steak Ive ever had was at Arcadia in San Jose.

        As for Meat Market, I dont have any experience there yet but I was just out to dinner w/ a buddy of mine last night who said both he and his sister went on separate occasions and had great meals. He also said the place was hoppin and the waitresses were smokin hot. ;)