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Nov 26, 2008 01:04 AM

Wellington over New Year - replacement for Martin Bosleys?

We're going to be in Wellington for 3 nights from the 1st Jan '09 and I had my heart set on dining at Martin Bosley's. I've just found out that they will be closed!!! :-(

Does anyone have any other suggestions for a lovely restaurant meal in Wellington?

Thank you!!

Melbourne, Australia

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  1. This problem is worse than I originally thought... since this posting I've discovered that Matterhorn and Artbitrageur are also closed for the first few days in the new year (until Mon 5th).

    Is this going to be a widespread problem for our trip?

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    1. re: millie_g

      Unfortunately, yes, in the big cities as they deal predominantly with businesses rather than tourism. Out in the wine regions etc it shouldn't be an issue.

    2. Here are some places you could try:

      The White House - located in Oriental Pde
      Boulcott St Bistro
      Citron Restaurant - Rex Morgan
      Logan Brown
      Icon at Te Papa Museum

      If you like casual Mexican - Flying Burrito Brothers run by Anita Sarginson (Pres of the NZ Chefs Association)

      Hope this helps

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      1. re: AK360

        Thank you very much for the suggestions!
        We've managed to get a dinner reservation at The White House & we're looking forward to trying it out.
        Boulcott St Bistro is also open during the period but Citron and Logan Brown are also closed.
        And the menu at Flying Burrito Brothers looks great. I hope we can fit them in during our stay.