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Peter Luger Question [moved from Manhattan board]

3 of us are planning lunch or dinner at PL. Portion sizes in the US are much much bigger than here in the UK and I'm wondering if steak for 3 will be too much food for us, especially as we also want to try the bacon and one or two sides.

At PL is it acceptable for a party of 3 to order steak for 2 plus extras? Will we be asked to pay a supplement for the third person?

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  1. My experiences at Peter Luger have always been in large groups of 6-8 patrons......we have always ordered extras, e.g., the bacon, shrimp cocktail and sides....with Porterhouse less than the number of people at the table and I cannot recall ever being charged a service/sharing plate charge.

    If your concern is crucial for your peace of mind, contact the restaurant directly with your query and I am sure they will provide you with the appropriate answer. I have never really been a fan of their sides...but I do highly recommend their bacon. Check their site for the menu before you pose your query to them....FWIW, you can never over order their steak. If you go for lunch, consider ordering the burger.....one of the best you will ever have.



    1. Dude, here in the US overeating is a sport. Get 3 steaks minimum, and onions/tomato, and German fried potatoes. We are barbarians over here, but you already knew that. Luger's is the superbowl. You will not be sorry. Don't forget the beer.

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        Well said, Sir - very well said! :o)

      2. I was just there. 4 of us had 3 steaks for 2.

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          Do you mean between 4 of you, you ate 6 portions of steak? Wow!

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            FWIW, you can never over order their steak

            Apparently, a view shared by many others.

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              Unless you eat so much that you feel quite ill afterwards - for me that really spoils the best of meals.

              I would prefer to be just nicely full than overstuffed, otherwise the lasting memory is of indigestion tablets!!

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              Finished the first two and then ordered a thrid.

          2. Even though I like to suggest to others that they get gargantuan portions, last night 3 of us had a simple steak for 3. It was one of the best I have ever had there.

            1. My family and I have been going to Luger's for decades and range from quite big eaters by US standards to, shall we say, more disciplined types. Even without considering UK portions, we've always ordered "steak for..." fewer than the number of people at the table. The waiters never blink an eye and, on occasion, have told us that we're overdoing the sides--something that would never happen at a place like the Palm, where they unmercifully push their sides. Definitely down order and have no concerns about it. Most importantly, enjoy yourself at Luger's.

              1. My wife and I are long-time PL patrons, and it has been our experience that you can order what you want without any negative feedback. The PL steak for two certainly can be enough for three, especially with starters and sides, and the common wisdom is that their steak for two is the superior cut (ie, better than the steak for three, the steak for four,etc.)

                If you like leftover steak you could consider ordering two orders of the steak for two (yep, that would be for four in total);. You will certainly have a bunch left over, but in my experience leftover PL steak is pretty damned good the next day as well, reheated or not.

                Or order the steak for two and if you decide you want more, tell your waiter.

                Remember, though, that other than their own credit cards, PL requires cash. It is something to keep in mind if you begin to run the bill up.

                All the best on your trip, and I hope you all end up loving PL as much as my wife and I do.

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                  Thank you!

                  We have reservations for Sunday night which is our last night in NYC before heading off to Florida for some sunshine. I'll certainly report back on our PL experience!