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Nov 25, 2008 10:01 PM

Five Guys Burgers & Fries Opens in Cerritos

I just learned that Five Guys Burgers & Fries has opened in Cerritos on South St. near the 605 Frwy. Their other location opened not long ago in Carson. I've heard that besides the burgers, their fries and hot dogs are terrific too. Five Guys is supposed to be to the east coast what In-Out Burgers are out here. I would love to hear some comments from anybody who has been to either location.

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  1. Been. Burgers NOT as good as in n out, and more expensive. Fries excellent (after you add salt, mine were way underseasoned) More like skin on chips than in n out's fries. Decor sucks, a bland rip off of in n out without the charm or spirit. Didn't try the dog.

    All this is not to say its bad, the food was very good, a solid B effort. Just not gonna damage the market leaders rep.

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    1. re: Adsvino

      Wish in n out would come east. Never had the pleasure here

    2. I don't understand all the hoopla. I went to the Five Guys in Carson. The bun was so thin, I was holding burger meat by the time I finished. The fries are better than INO, but then I hate INO's limp fries. Maybe this was a weak franchise. iNO has strong quality control. Since I work in the area, I may give them a second chance, given how much people like them back East.

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        Get innout fries well done = problem solved

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          Fries were better than IN N Out.. Very good fries, better than most. the burger patty tasted cheap, and overall pretty bland. I think you need to get the right combination of toppings/sauces.. If they open one in South OC, I will go at least for the fries. They are kind of like Island fries.

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            I tried asking for well-done fries once. The result was nearly indistinguishable from Potato Stix!


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              No Potato Stix are better... they don't turn into inedible plastic after they reach room temperature...

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                Dommy, you're right, it would be more accurate to describe the well-done fries I had from In-N-Out as having the consistency of frozen french fries (though they were warm). Potato Stix are much better. Apologies to any Potato Stix lovers for unlawfully maligning their beloved snack!

          2. re: Ogawak

            If you don't like the limp fries from in & out, you can get them lightly well or well done which makes them very crunchy.

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              Crunchy, well-done cardboard is still cardboard.

              Five Guys fries are much better than at INO, IMO, but the hamburger I had at the Carson branch was only marginally better, which is a shame, because ten years ago in the original Washington, DC-area locations, they served outstanding juicy burgers. I'll try the new one in Cerritos to see if it's the same.

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              Went back to give Five Guys Carson another shot, since I had to run an errand at the Carson Mall. I was pleasantly surprised. The burger was juicier but the bun was still too small for the burger. I liked all the extras that came with the burger, including mushrooms. You could add peppers, jalapeno, hot sauce at no extra cost.

              The fried were still pretty good. The atmosphere was festive, maybe because it was early in the day (11:15 AM).

              Overall, though, Fatburger is better at the same price. I'm amazed at how cheaply INO can churn out their double doubles, in comparison with the competition.

              Haven't been back to INO yet to try the fries well done.

              5G's isn't my favorite, but a good to decent option.

            3. Their fries are good but under seasoned Their burgers ain't that great. Not much flavor, bland. Even the burger I had with toppings tasted bland.

              1. But now since it's closer to home, i'll give them another try.

                1. Went to the Carson location last nite for my first visit. The burger was very fresh, but, as others have pointed out, was rather bland. I liked the format -- free toppings including grilled onions and mushrooms (I passed on the latter). No problem with the bun.

                  The fries were of the type I like. Lots of skin, but could have been crisper. They were underseasoned (next time I'll try the Old Bay laden "cajun" variety) so I doused them in malt vinegar (an East Coast thing?)

                  The decor was reminiscent of In N' Out. Service was fine...it took a while to cook the burger --no assembly line here. Their signature gimmick is stale peanuts to munch on while you wait. Prices were okay.

                  Overall, I was pleased and would definitely return but I won't be running back. I'm growing weary of In N' Out (there--I said it) and Five Guys is a suitable alternative considering their superior fries.

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                    I think we have a CH first--a consensus.

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                      LOL, adsvino.

                      Anyone hear anything about a 5 Guys in the works closer to the westside?

                      In my opinion, the strength of the In-N-Out burger is not the thin meat patties. For me, their superiority starts with the bun, which is fresh, soft on top, but nicely toasted with a crisp rim inside. Their cheese slices are thicker, better, and more melty than most. The lettuce, tomato, and onion are cold and crisp and make for a crunchy contrast. (I went through a phase with the grilled onions melted into the cheese but now that tastes burnt to me.) I get light sauce, or ketchup instead. Add pickles. I've gotten over my addiction years ago when they moved within sight of my window in Westwood Village and OD'd badly, so now its once a month or so. But the double-double for barely over $3 is a stupendous amazing value. Fries? I admire the attempt to do fresh-cut. They fry them crisp when ordered welldone. But the characterization above is right-on -- when crispy they are like those old potato stix.

                      1. re: nosh

                        And In-N-Out fries DON'T have the skins on! Sorry, but I'd as soon eat unshelled eggs, or chicken with feathers. They can be limp as my, uh, hair, they can be a little burnt, but they gotta be peeled.