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Nov 25, 2008 09:15 PM

North End Italian LUNCH with kids!

Hi All,

Need some very last minute advice.

Will be going to the aquarium with my niece and nephew. We'd like to get a good italian lunch in the north end afterward. Would prefer sicilian-american red sauce aka sunday gravy type joint. Think that would be more acceptable to the kids. Also, and this is important, would have to rule out any place with a line to get in...the kids won't put up with a line of more than 2 minutes!

Any recommendations appreciated!

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  1. Pagliuca's, Saraceno's, Antico Forno, or Rabia's could be reasonable options.

      1. re: lulu806

        I agree, Mother Anna's. Worked great for me a couple of years ago in the same situation.