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Nov 25, 2008 09:08 PM

Solo diner needs recs near Coronado Resort (Orlando)

DC Chowhound heading to Orlando last minute on Monday. Staying at the Coronado Resort and am looking for some good solo dining (love to sit at the bar with a glass of wine, good meal and something to read). Also, will not have a car so will have to get to places by shuttle / bus / cab. Price not so important, but not trying to break the bank here. Maybe some good bar food (wings)? Was also pondering Emeril's, any thoughts on that? Would prefer to stay away from the typical Chains but that's all I keep finding on Google nearby! Help!

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  1. Flying Fish and California Grill both have good dining bars.

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      I was at the coranado for a convention last week. I was alone as well. I found Shula's at the dolphin to be good but very pricey! They do have a nice bar to sit at.
      If you want good bar food try ranglan road at the former pleasure island. Just hop on one of the buses that stop in front of the coranado. They are free and will take you anywhere on disney property.

    2. Emeril's is one of my favorite places to eat at the bar. But from Coronado Springs, it's a pretty good cab ride -- on top of a hefty dinner tab.
      Herbert's suggestions of Flying Fish and California Grill are good, but you'll want to put your reading materials away -- they're food bars and you'll feel much more out of place if you're trying to read.
      I liked the meal I had at the bar when I reviewed Johnnie's Hideaway at Lake Buena Vista, but I would steer you away from the stone crab.

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        i'll agree that they are food bars, but disagree that they are not good places to read, both are well lighted. The only thing is that both have a pretty high level of background noise. Another place that comes to mind is the steakhouse over at Gaylord Palms (name slips me at moment) their bar area would be a good place to hang out read/eat and people watch.

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          great, thanks much all. I'm actually OK with not reading as long as there are some TV's or something to keep my attention, so places with good tv's at the bar area are cool by me.

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            no tv's at any of the places I mentioned.

      2. Great, thanks all! Didn't realize how far away Emeril's was. Already went to his resto in New Orleans, so ok with skipping it here.

        Any opinions on Bongos Cuban Cafe? Looks kind of neat from the website.

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          Avoid Bongos at all costs. Stay away. Run! This is the worst Cuban food in Florida; they should be ashamed.
          (I don't much care for the place.)