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Nov 25, 2008 08:39 PM

SEA-TAC or Seattle--blowout seafood meal

I need a meal to impress the family (5 seafood loving adults) with Seattle's finest seafood. Price is not a huge object, but I please give me a little warning if it's going to be well over $50 a head. Ideally, we'd like to:

start with a well-made martini.

enjoy a wide variety of Pacific Northwest oysters on the half shell.

follow with a classic cold seafood platter with an assortment of clams, scallops, crab legs, smoked salmon, etc.

end with well-prepared cooked seafood. No muss, just grilled or pan fried with butter/garlic/lemon so that the quality of the seafood can shine. Maybe a seafood stew or chowder, but a high quality simple preparation would be much more impressive than any tiny portioned, overwrought French presentation.

Bonus: geoduck on the menu.

This does not need to be a white tablecloth establishment by any means. If the best seafood were to be found at a roadside stand, we'd gladly eat in the cold.

Geographic logistics: We're going to be picking someone up from the airport and going straight to dinner, so anywhere between the airport and Seattle or between the airport and Bellevue (home) is great for us. Thanks!


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  1. If you can go without the seafood platter Ray's is probably your best bet.
    Otherwise you could go to oceanaire which, while it is a chain, is more autonomous than most chains and serves up very good local seafood including a seafood platter.

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    1. re: dagrassroots

      Thanks! Both websites sound great. I was originally planning to go to Matt's, but was turned off by the menu because there seem to be a lot of non-seafood items. I've also seen some negative reports about Matt's since the expansion and don't want to risk a meal if people are feeling iffy about it.

      Based purely on menu reading, I think Ray's Boathouse may be for us.

      1. re: Pei

        check out Waterfront Seafood grill (it has the seafood platter etc)

        1. re: barleywino

          I second the WSG, but Rays and Oceanaire are also good choices. Also, I've never been there, but I've heard good things about Seastar in Bellevue.

          Also, there's a good chance it will be more than $50/person. Conservatively: 5 martinis $40, cold seafood platter $70, 2 dozen oysters $25, 5 seafood entrees @ $30 ea, $150 = $285/5 = $57 pp + tax. My favorite entrees at the WSG run in the high $40/50s (rib steak or king crab legs), I think their seafood platter is $100 (but looks spectacular) plus you might order sides and/or salads and dessert (get the emerald city volcano!).

    2. Be careful with geoduck.
      I love all seafood, but it can be difficult to prepare (tendency to get overcooked).
      I really only love geoduck in raw form as sushi or sashimi.

      1. I think the best place for no fuss no muss seafood at a reasonable price is Chinook's over in Fisherman's Terminal.

        1. Seastar is a great seafood restaurant, especially to impress, but it is high end, somewhat formal and white table cloth. Great seafood, amazing wine list and definitely a place to grab some great martinis.