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Nov 25, 2008 08:31 PM

Best pulled pork

Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get authentic pulled pork ?
I saw some one reffered phils place 838 on college street ,Lousy one . kinda sauce coated

sliced pork not worth for 7 bucks with fries.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Cluck, Grunt & Low's pulled pork sandwhich. It's inconsistant and always seems slightly different on each visit but has ranged for amazing to very good for me. Authentic depends on the region you feel is authentic because they all have a slightly different style. This sandwhich is serve with slaw on top and is usually referred to as Memphis style. They're sandwhich stands up to those I've had while living in Dallas and Atlanta.

    Keep in mind that many on this board as well as personal friends have had inconsistant to horrible experiences there. But I'lve always had a pretty good to great experience. Pull up some of the threads here and be cautious with your sides as they can be pretty bad ...but the pulled pork rocks.

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      In Toronto, the Beer Bistro has a really nice (and sloppy) pulled pork sandwich. It's really big and saucy, so I wouldn't eat that on a first-date but its quite delicious.

      Sweet Smoke in Oakville, as mentioned earlier, also makes an equally great sandwich. They also do takeout! The sandwich is smaller than the Beer Bistro, but considerably more manageable. You can also get coleslaw on it for .50

      I have a hard time deciding which is better, so I suggest you try both.

      I've heard good things about Lykn Chicken on Airport Rd in Mississauga so I'm going to try that next.

      1. re: BaneGrievver

        Agreed on Beer Bistro - messy and scrumptious!!!

      2. re: abigllama

        Cluck, Grunt & Low has among the worst pp I've had anywhere. Dry as a bone and no taste whatever. Right down there with Memphis Style. It's amazing how they can mess up something as easy to cook as this.

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          1. The pulled pork at Gilead is really great and so is the bun. And I like The Black Camel on yonge St. as well.

            1. 7 bucks with fries is the same price, if not cheaper, than you're going to find anywhere else.

              the best pulled pork isn't from the GTA at all but is from Sweet Smoke in Oakville... $8 per sandwich, with no sides :(~

              Oh, and I tried the Whole Foods pulled pork from their "Smoke House Counter" in-store, as per someones suggestion, and found it awful! Way too savory and over spiced for me, it gave me killer heartburn. I like mine to have a bit of sweetness I guess

              The "fresh jerky" sure looked good though... Too bad it was $10 a bag!