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Best pulled pork

Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get authentic pulled pork ?
I saw some one reffered phils place 838 on college street ,Lousy one . kinda sauce coated

sliced pork not worth for 7 bucks with fries.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Cluck, Grunt & Low's pulled pork sandwhich. It's inconsistant and always seems slightly different on each visit but has ranged for amazing to very good for me. Authentic depends on the region you feel is authentic because they all have a slightly different style. This sandwhich is serve with slaw on top and is usually referred to as Memphis style. They're sandwhich stands up to those I've had while living in Dallas and Atlanta.

    Keep in mind that many on this board as well as personal friends have had inconsistant to horrible experiences there. But I'lve always had a pretty good to great experience. Pull up some of the threads here and be cautious with your sides as they can be pretty bad ...but the pulled pork rocks.

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      In Toronto, the Beer Bistro www.beerbistro.com has a really nice (and sloppy) pulled pork sandwich. It's really big and saucy, so I wouldn't eat that on a first-date but its quite delicious.

      Sweet Smoke in Oakville, as mentioned earlier, also makes an equally great sandwich. They also do takeout! The sandwich is smaller than the Beer Bistro, but considerably more manageable. You can also get coleslaw on it for .50

      I have a hard time deciding which is better, so I suggest you try both.

      I've heard good things about Lykn Chicken on Airport Rd in Mississauga so I'm going to try that next.

      1. re: BaneGrievver

        Agreed on Beer Bistro - messy and scrumptious!!!

      2. re: abigllama

        Cluck, Grunt & Low has among the worst pp I've had anywhere. Dry as a bone and no taste whatever. Right down there with Memphis Style. It's amazing how they can mess up something as easy to cook as this.

        1. The pulled pork at Gilead is really great and so is the bun. And I like The Black Camel on yonge St. as well.

          1. 7 bucks with fries is the same price, if not cheaper, than you're going to find anywhere else.

            the best pulled pork isn't from the GTA at all but is from Sweet Smoke in Oakville... $8 per sandwich, with no sides :(~

            Oh, and I tried the Whole Foods pulled pork from their "Smoke House Counter" in-store, as per someones suggestion, and found it awful! Way too savory and over spiced for me, it gave me killer heartburn. I like mine to have a bit of sweetness I guess

            The "fresh jerky" sure looked good though... Too bad it was $10 a bag!

            1. The Black Camel, across the street from the Rosedale subway station, has a good pulled pork.

              1. Another vote for The Black Camel's pulled pork (their best sandwich, in my opinion). I always get with the charmoula mayonnaise.

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                  Agreed. this is the best. great beef too

                2. Mrs. Sippi gave a thumbs up to Southern Rub on 7 just west of Pine Valley. It's pretty saucy though. I'd like to have seen it with less sauce.



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                  1. re: Davwud

                    Just a comparison response --

                    I think they are reading CH, because my sandwich was UNDER sauced, sadly :(

                    When I ate my sandwich there wasn't much sauce on it, and what was there, was soaked into the bun. the pork that i had was solid grey all the way through and didn't have a very powerful flavor without the sauce... so

                    I will stick to the ribs -- but am also curious about the brisket and chicken

                  2. Hey everyone!
                    I am out in Burlington for an audit and had the opportunity to try Sweet Smoke's pork sandwich last night.

                    Larger than Phil's and Cluck's... juicer than both, with more sauce. Delicious sesame seed bun too. However kind of pricey at $8.50, and extra $.50 for the slaw in the middle. Sides don't come with it, coleslaw as a side costs $2.75-$3.50 extra!
                    I would recommend it for sure ! I'll try the Black Camel soon and report back to you ;)

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                    1. re: Muffin__Top

                      Sweet Smoke is brutally expensive, thats why I don't go there alot more often.. Mac & Cheese side is like $5 and tiny, I could eat 2 of them

                      But with that being said -- the pulled pork there is REALLY good, I agree... Probably best pulled pork I've had still in all of the GTA

                      They have a really good turkey club and "cuban sandwich" also


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                        Went in and had Lykn Chicken Pulled Pork on Airport Road for luch today.

                        Will I have it again, probably not -
                        The pork itself was ok, not hot enough though and I thought just a bit to sweet for me. The meat itself was fairly tender but had no wow factor in taste, not nearly as smoky as I was expecting. The Bun - Plain boring white bun, not at all warmed on a grill or steamed, just plain cold out of the bag. That just took the whole sandwhich down to boring and uneventful. I will give them another shot one day only next time I'll try the ribs.

                        1. re: Porto

                          ...pulled pork is generally served on the most generic bagged bun you can get

                          like a dempsters hamburger bun... as close to plain white bread as it gets

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                            As Duck said, the crappiest bun you can get is what you need. Mrs. Sippi is always complaining that up here PP comes on a kaiser or a sesamie seed bun. It's just not right.


                            1. re: Davwud

                              May I ask why is "the crappiest bun you can get" what you want?

                              1. re: Atahualpa

                                Same reason you use a tortilla to make a taco. Because!!!


                                It's just how it's done.


                                1. re: Davwud

                                  Yes, but, I can think of lots of dishes I have had that were alterations of original or traditional concepts where the alteration proved a significant improvement!

                                  Just because BBQ Pulled Pork traditionally comes with a plain, cotton-batten, white bread bun doesn't mean it is BEST with a plain, cotton-batten, white bread bun.

                                    1. re: Atahualpa

                                      Drive to NC or Memphis and tell them that. You're likely to be shot!!


                                      I would disagree. For me, the bun is there simply to hold the meat with. A pile of meat, some sauce and some slaw and I'm good to go. No cheese, caramelized onions, peppers, tomatoes or anything like that. Pure, simple and unbelievably tasty.

                                      However, it's your sandwich. Eat it as you please.


                                        1. re: Davwud

                                          Yep, soft white bun, that's the way to go. I just made six pounds of pulled pork and a mess of creamy slaw to go with. I'm in porcine heaven.

                                        2. re: Atahualpa

                                          Just remember, the places up here are emulating a Southern dish, once you add the carmelized onions cheese and all that it loses authenticity and becomes just another Toronto Yuppie dish, then the price goes to $15.00 once you cater to the yuppie crowd.

                                          1. re: ebay3392

                                            Mrs. Sippi always gets a laugh when she looks at the menus of BBQ places up here. There's always a bunch of things that just don't belong.
                                            If you're trying to be authentic that is.


                                        3. re: Davwud

                                          I also think your tortilla analogy is unfair. In this case the tortilla is equivalent to ANY bun. A specific type of tortilla would be the equivalent to the specific type of bun here.

                                          So, a die hard purist might argue that tacos should only be made with small-sized, fresh, steamed, corn tortillas. Whereas a compelling argument could be made to use wheat tortillas in certain circumstances, or to add flavourings to the tortilla itself.

                                  1. The cubanita pulled pork sandwhich at Max's Market is pretty decent and I'm sure it's under $5.

                                    Max's Market
                                    2299 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S, CA

                                    1. I love the black camel pulled pork although i think its around $12.

                                      The Gilead Cafe sandwich came with a tiny side of carrot salad (literally a mouthful). I almost would have preferred it without a side as i would have then ordered a salad/side separately.

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                                      1. re: foodio

                                        Jesus, $12 for a sandwich?

                                        What is going on here..

                                        1. re: duckdown

                                          Its the Yuppie thing...drives the prices up...go anywhere before and after the yuppies flock in...you will see...the prices soar. You need a place that is not pretty, not visually appealing, not 'cool' but where the food is solid...when I crave BBQ and am not in the position to make it on my own due to time restraints, I go to Memphis BBQ and Wicked Wings in Woodbridge, Islington North of #7. Place looks a bit dumpy, food has always been solid...Pulled pork sandwich with fries $7.95 and always fills...brisket now too but not advertised online....owners used to own the Purple Pig when it was better than it is now...just a suggestion.

                                          1. re: ebay3392

                                            I know Memphis in Woodbridge.. They're OK but I don't like their pulled pork

                                            Their Monday deal is attractive though... Full rack, pound of wings, and choice of side for $25 flat... Usually most places charge $20-something just for a full rack alone, so thats decent

                                        2. re: foodio

                                          Black Camel is not that good IMHO. They use their sauces as a crutch. I am willing to pay a higher price for pulled pork that has actually been smoked and doesnt need to be smothered in sauce to be good. But oven roasted I can do a full shoulder for a little over 10 bucks at home easily.

                                          1. re: mlukan

                                            Yeah; isn't Black Camel's not smoked?

                                            1. re: tjr

                                              I think it's baked/braised or crock pot. It ain't smoked. it's a good sandwich if you're in the area, but I wouldn't cross town for it. Not a destination sandwich. It's tasty, but if you've got a traditional pulled pork in mind, you'll be disappointed.

                                              I didn't realize it had gone up to $12.

                                              1. re: grandgourmand

                                                Yeah, I've had it before and definitely found it not smoked. It wasn't terrible or anything, but it wasn't anything special.

                                                1. re: tjr

                                                  The pulled pork at the Healthy Butcher is smoked.

                                                  1. re: aser

                                                    They don't serve a sandwich, though, do they? It's vac-packed stuff? Which is, fine. Just checking.

                                                    1. re: grandgourmand

                                                      it's basically a food/deli counter like you would see in a grocery shop, but it is smoked in house (Eglinton location is the production kitchen). It takes several days for it to be made.

                                                      The bbq sauce is made in house too, a bit sweet for my taste but it is from scratch.

                                                2. re: grandgourmand

                                                  OK. Let's stand back here. First it ISN'T $12 (at least to start with - but you can add toppings and sauces (extra charge) which - with tax- could get you up to $12).
                                                  I've been a 'slight' critic of Black Camel for some time. There isn't a detectable smoke flavour - and IMO it's never been worth a significant detour (although fine if you're in the area anyway). But one of my criticisms was the 'wonderbread' style bun - and last time I was there the bun was much improved. I still think they could (should?) go for a decent Portuguese bun, but in fairness, the quality and quantity is reasonable. Not bad for a local place.

                                                  1. re: estufarian

                                                    The bun is supposed to be wonderbreadish!

                                                    in the south they would scold you for using otherwise :)

                                                    It is definitely all about opinion but for "authenticitys" sake it is wonderbread style bun... Hopefully someone can back me up here

                                                    1. re: duckdown

                                                      If it was 'authentic', the pork would be smoked.
                                                      And yes, in Memphis (and others) wonderbread is the standard accompaniment.
                                                      But I prefer a little 'al dente' in my pork (and bun) - not the almost pablum consistency you get in North Carolina (say). And that 'soft bread stuck to the roof of the mouth' feeling that Wonderbread provides brings back memories that potentially lead to nightmares.
                                                      I never got Wonderbread in Kansas City (for example). And further south cornbread seems to be a preferred choice.
                                                      And Toronto has some great Portuguese bread. Don't recall any large Portuguese communities in the BBQ hotspots down south.
                                                      Sometimes I prefer to 'break with tradition' - and 'tradition' is all that Wonderbread has going for it (IMO).

                                                      1. re: duckdown

                                                        Seconded. And above as well.

                                                        The other thing, I hear pulled pork sandwich and "Toppings"??? Other than slaw and/or sauce, there are no toppings. Well, pickle maybe.


                                                        1. re: Davwud

                                                          What estufarian is talking about (I believe) is that the pulled pork at the Black Camel could be improved by adding a better bun. It's already inauthentic, so why not go the whole 9 yards and at least make it a better inauthentic version.

                                                          For authentic southern BBQ in the south, I know a lot of places only use wonderbread-esque bread/buns (which I don't mind in that case), but that doesn't mean it has to be everyone's preference!

                                                          1. re: tjr

                                                            I see what you're saying. I guess when I see a discussion on PP I just assume that you're referring to southern BBQ. So ya, if it's not starting out as authentic, who cares from there.

                                                            It should probably have a different name to avoid confusion.


                                                          2. re: Davwud

                                                            Sure there are (at Black Camel) e.g. caramelized onions.

                                                          3. re: duckdown

                                                            Yup...the bun is a holding device so to say, not to take the emphasis off of the feature, the pork...Duckdown, you would love the book I have, Dr BBQ Big Time Road Trip, got it as a gift...does the whole BBQ trail....tried his recipes and all are solid...and going to Memphis to the places he recommends as he does answer emails from his website if you have questions...just a thought...

                                                            1. re: ebay3392

                                                              Dr. BBQ = Ray Lampe,

                                                              Ray will be in Barrie this summer for one of the country's largest BBQ events. He is truly an excellent man and a fantastic spokesperson for the BBQ industry. He even has the looks for it.

                                                              As for Pulled Pork, there truly is nothing like a real southern bbq pulled pork sandwich. If you do find a restaurant that carries it or makes there own you will know, it hits your mouth and you will actually stop eating for a second in awe. Making it in your own backyard is a long process and requires a smoker - and some trial and error but you will be absolutely astounded with the results. From there it's true southern ribs, brisket and you will be the most popular person with your friends.

                                                            1. re: sleepy

                                                              Yes, Black Camel is absolutely not $12. I don’t know where this comes from. Last time I was there, 2 months ago, it started at $7. So unless it went up $5 in 2 months this is false information. Mine usually come to $8 or so.

                                                              Also, who cares if they don’t smoke their pork?! Have most people here actually tasted their pulled pork? I wonder. If you’ve tasted it I don’t see how you could not like it. It’s delicious. To me, authentic is irrelevant. I mean, this isn’t Charlotte. Smoked it obviously great, but it’s certainly not the only way to go. I say if it’s tasty, who cares?! But I think this argument has already been covered to death on other threads. Point is, Black Camel’s sandwich is definitely tasty – who cares if sauce and accompaniments help?! I sense that many who are suspicious of BC haven’t tried it, as it’s not smoked. And that’s a shame. They’re truly missing out.

                                                              Also, I have to agree with Porto’s comment on Lykn Chicken’s bun. While I do think that cheap buns or housing bread are perfectly wonderful I find Lykn Chicken’s bun simply not good. Too bready and intrusive and can see them getting real stale real quick. They smoke some nice pork, though certainly not the best I’ve had. Love their passion though. It’s a quality spot, with tons of potential.

                                                              1. re: magic

                                                                I guess my point would be if you're saying "Who's got the best pulled pork" then you must be referring to the southern way.
                                                                As I said above, they should call it something else to avoid confusion.


                                                                1. re: magic

                                                                  Once you've had the real thing, it's hard to go back to a bastardized version. I know that's what Davwud is getting at, he's a traditionalist at heart. He has an expectation associated with a memory of the dish.

                                                                  Just like you might have a memory with your favourite food you ate as a kid. Any version will be compared to that, no matter how good or bad the original version you had is. A perfect example would be Johnny's Hamburgers, haha.

                                                                  I personally am in his camp.

                                                                  1. re: aser

                                                                    Quite right, but there are many of us who have been introduced to pulled pork north of the border, and unsmoked. It is more delicate, cooked just to completion, and served with a choice of sauces, not dependent on one area. I really like a Canadian shoulder, oven finished to just 180 F at the bone, pulled and presented with jerk sauce, midwest sauce, or Carolina sauce. In the winter. It is gentler and less mushy than a version Q'ed to 190 or 200F.

                                                                    Then there is lots of time for the southern version in the summer.

                                                                    1. re: aser

                                                                      There's nothing quite like an original southern pulled pork sandwich. It's much more than it just being smoked or not which makes the difference. It's the type of rub they use, the type of wood it's smoked with, the mixed textures of bark and burnt ends, the style of sauce and the nice-moist bun combined which defines a great pulled pork sammy. I've been trying for the greater part of 3 years now to master this combination and if we are to use the south - the pioneers of said dish - as our yardstick, many of the GTA's attempts have fallen short of the mark.

                                                              2. re: grandgourmand

                                                                A lot of places braise it indoors and then add sauce at the end to make it BBQ...remember seeing a restaurant makeover with the CG & L owner wanting to open another 'Southern BBQ' place and they did it that way. Turned off the show after that...

                                                              3. re: tjr

                                                                Thats what I meant to say I guess is that it is not worth the money because the smoke flavor is not their and they rely on the sauces for flavor. They definitely do not smoke it.

                                                          4. The Auld Spot Pub does a decent pulled pork sandwich. With a nice crispy pile of freets i believe the damage comes to around $12 and you get the luxury of washing it down with a pint as well...or if pints are a criteria you can get a nice pulled pork sanwich at the House on Parliament too. The fries are sub-par though, so be warned...

                                                            Auld Spot
                                                            347 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K, CA

                                                            House On Parliament
                                                            454 Parliament St, Toronto, ON M5A3A2, CA

                                                            1. best pulled pork in toronto is at beerbistro.


                                                              1. Well my memory obviously failed me regarding the $12 black camel sandwich. Either that or I got 5+ toppings! Either way, I thought it was delicious.

                                                                My mistake and sorry for all the confusion.

                                                                1. Memphis Smokehouse on the west side of Yonge Street just a block north of Sheppard ave. 4916 Yonge St. (at Sheppard) •
                                                                  Real wood smoke great jazz and blues on weekends. From smoked chicken,pulled pork,ribs and briskett. I like it all .

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                                                                  1. re: Digdug1

                                                                    I kept catching flak for reccomending this place before

                                                                    I've only been twice in my life, but I enjoyed it the 2 times I was there (over a year ago, though)

                                                                    Only 2 negative things are the HORRIBLE wait-staff, and the small-ish portions

                                                                    The wait staff really is appalling though.. So bad..

                                                                    1. re: duckdown

                                                                      I need to make a trip there. Maybe take Mrs. Sippi or just do a scouting mission.


                                                                      1. re: Davwud

                                                                        Yeah man, I'm curious to see if it was all in my head, or it really is as bad as some of the other outspoken people have said... Or maybe just gone downhill alot since I was there. Of all the BBQ places I've ever been here in Ontario, that was the only place that brought in a southerner to be the pit master (even would come out and talk to us...)

                                                                        Although the one guy who kept ragging on the place is a notorious BBQ thread troll here on CH, all the guy ever says is how places suck...

                                                                        1. re: duckdown

                                                                          Memphis is probably better now than it's ever been - but it used to be terrible. When it first opened it was greasy and lacked most of what we hope to find in BBQ. It closed for a few months and has now been reopened for about a year. It has certainly improved since those earlier days, and I don't mind dropping by if I'm in the area. The big problem now is the service and that's a HUGE problem. I usually just order a platter and never attempt to substitute or change a 'standard' order. Results are unpredictable. No it's not GREAT BBQ but it is (at least) acceptable (a vast improvement). But although I hear rumours of an 'authentic Southern chef' - I've never encountered anyone knowledgeable there.

                                                                  2. What about Harlem on Adelaide? I have been there a few times. Great helping of pork but could use a little sauce and the bun does not hold up to the pork.

                                                                    1. I had a pulled pork sanch at Buster Rhino's today. (The Friday special, a $13 rack of ribs was not available until mid-afternoon due to supply problems).
                                                                      Buster's pulled pork is soft and well done, S. Carolina style, with good smoke flavor and a slightly hot, slightly sweet, slightly vinegary sauce, on a light bun. The meat comes from a pouch on the steam table, and I thought it held up well there. Price point was very reasonable, $7 with drink and crispy hand cut fries. Actually, really good fries and meat!.

                                                                      Buster Rhino's
                                                                      2001 Thickson Rd S, Whitby, ON L1N, CA

                                                                      1. Made it to Sweet Smoke (http://www.sweetsmoke.ca/) in Oakville; I knew as soon as I walked in that there was BBQ to be found, the smell of smoke was quite heavy. The place is rather sparse in décor, but I was not there to be wowed by the surroundings.

                                                                        They have a very good sandwich. The pulled pork from Sweet Smoke is not served on a white bun with cole slaw, but it is a good sandwich. The bun is lightly toasted with seeds atop the bun. The sauce is sweet but this is good due to the hickory that is used to smoke the pork. I personally find hickory to be somewhat strong in flavour and hence lacking some smoke flavour. The pulled pork texture is somewhat chewy, this I liked. Now despite the very strong hickory flavour, I did eat two sandwiches.

                                                                        All in all this was a good pulled pork sandwich, I did eat two. I’m not a big fan of hickory, which is something personal. Since I eat quite a bit of Lykn Chicken pulled pork, I found the hickory flavour a little too strong. It’s like a young red wine; the tannins are very strong and stringent. Where as the fruit wood is not so strong, leaving a nice smoky flavour. But I did eat two!

                                                                        What I like about Lykn Chicken’s (http://www.lyknchicken.com/contact_us...) pulled pork is that the smoke flavour is nice and sweet, there is no bitterness and the cole slaw is so nice and crunchy, it’s a nice contrast. Now I do whish the pulled pork was a little chewier, I think the only downside to Lykn Chicken’s pork is the texture. But imho the fruit wood is a much better wood than the hickory, it is not as stringent and because of this has a smoky after taste. The hickory strong flavour does not allow for that ‘smoky’ flavour/taste.

                                                                        I have to say that Lykn Chicken’s pulled pork is slightly better than Sweet Smoke’s pulled pork. But it is hard to compare the two sandwiches due to the different woods used.

                                                                        As for all those who will call cooked pork that has been pulled apart, pulled pork, well I feel sorry for you. If there is no smoke, then it is not pulled pork regardless of the bun used.

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                                                                          1. re: jayt90

                                                                            $8.00 for a sandwich, there are no sides with the sandwich, they are extra.

                                                                          2. re: Pastryrocks

                                                                            Hey Pastryrocks

                                                                            Sweet smoke makes a very good one, in my opinion. It has a cole-slaw topping, they're supposed to ask you when you order it if you want it "sloppy topped" (i didnt make that up).. For an extra like .50c they put on a nice slaw on top , more unique than most, almost a sour cream base i think. tasty though for sure

                                                                            I eat 2 also, well actually, i usually get 1 pulled pork and 1 cuban, both are excellent. I eat the cuban first. I love how the BBQ sauce has an "orangey" flavor to it. Goes great with the pulled pork.. The chef/owner there is a very accomplished chef from Langdon Hall I have heard, and they also have a great pastry chef there (but i;'ve never bought desert.. my bills are high enough just for the sandwiches and mac & cheese) but I hear really good things

                                                                            Sides are great, but super expensive. The mac & cheese gratin is great but at $5 each, very expensive, considering i could eat 2 of those as well

                                                                            Overall I really like the place, but the price is pretty ridiculous for the portions..

                                                                            Lykn Chicken is real good also, and much cheaper ($5 flat, even with all toppings)

                                                                            Glad you liked it (somewhat) :)

                                                                            1. re: duckdown

                                                                              I don't think I could eat two sandwiches at Sweet Smoke, but their pulled pork sandwich is good. I don't like the mac and cheese, but that's mainly because it's far worse than what I could make at home with very little effort...

                                                                              I've had Lykn Chicken as well, and their sandwich is pretty good too. I've tried quite a bit of Southern BBQ, of the different schools, but I'm far from the connoisseur that others on this board are... Both tastes pretty good to me.

                                                                              Phil's, when I had gone, was one of the most disappointing experiences ever; it was awful. Black Camel is no different than a pulled pork I could make in my own oven; no smoke, and it's even more expensive than somewhere like Sweet Smoke! I'm looking to try Buster Rhino's food, but it's a pretty far trip for me...

                                                                              1. re: tjr

                                                                                hard to believe theres something MORE expensive than sweet smoke! I've never tried black camel but I sure wont be after this

                                                                                I also want to try Busters food but its a 1 hour drive PER way for me.. so I'm not sure when thats gonna happen.. i drive crazy distances for good food but an hour each way is pushing it even for me, sadly...


                                                                                1. re: duckdown

                                                                                  Mr. Down, I've agreeing with you on the drive to Buster's from here in Peel. However, we will often drive for about the same time to one of the Niagara wineries for a meal.
                                                                                  I'll take the 407 over the QEW anytime, if it weren't for the price.

                                                                                  1. re: duckdown

                                                                                    Well, it's already been mentioned at least a couple of times on this thread that the Black Camel sandwich is $7 while the Sweet Smoke one is $8.
                                                                                    I haven't tried SS...the Lykn one is pretty good, and I like their smoked chicken even more.

                                                                                    1. re: duckdown

                                                                                      Man Buster Rhino is soo good! I was out in the area and I remembered the place so I stopped in. I ended up getting the Brisket and damn it was so tender and tasty and the bbq sauce was fantastic. The fries are actually worth mentioning too, done in a chip truck style, they were fantastic. I know this thread has been dead for a while but since someone brought it back, I might as well throw the recommendation..

                                                                                      I havent tried the pulled pork, thats next visit. Apparently the pork and brisket are smoked for 16-18 hours, and you could see a lot of smoke got into the brisket. Im dying to go back now!

                                                                                      Buster Rhino's
                                                                                      2001 Thickson Rd S, Whitby, ON L1N, CA

                                                                                      1. re: jmarcroyal

                                                                                        I find the pulled pork better than the brisket there..the brisket was sliced too thin for my liking..i like it pencil thick personally...but the pulled pork was as good as competitions style..

                                                                                  2. re: duckdown

                                                                                    Wait staff are almost never a wear of what they are serving, in most places that I have worked, before each service it was like day one of cooking school with all the questions asked. What gets me is that you would think that since the wait staff is serving the customers food that they would know something about their menu, but most know little. And even more frustrating is that the same questions are asked over and over, I would tell them to TAKE NOTES!

                                                                                    I was not a wear that any type of cole slaw was available for the pulled pork I was not asked if I wanted it "sloppy topped", but I did see that a creamy cole slaw was available as a side. I think that the waitress was slightly intimidated by my questions; she had to go into the kitchen a few times to find an answer. After the 3rd or 4th time going into the kitchen, the chef/owner came out to speak with me. From what he had said to me, I knew that he does know how to cook.

                                                                                    The next time I’m there I’ll try the ribs and I’ll make sure I leave room for dessert.

                                                                                    As for the distance, it is a 20 minute drive for me unless it’s rush hour. I too would like to try Buster Rhino's food, but from the bottom of Etobicoke it’s a good hour at the best of times. Thank god for Lykn Chicken and now Sweet Smoke.

                                                                                    1. re: Pastryrocks

                                                                                      Finally made it out to Sweet Smoke in Oakville for lunch Yesterday. I have tried
                                                                                      Lykn Chicken and Whole foods. Sweet Smoke is the KIng. Wonderful toasted
                                                                                      Sesame Seed Bun And just the right amount of real hickory smoke and savory to sweet balance in the meat. Fresh, Nice and hot and the Bun amazing. Tastes wonderful, meat has a really nice texture ,nicely pulled not fatty and cool as I experienced elsewhere. Completley enjoyable. Try it, you will not be dissapointed. Cant wait to return and try the ribs.

                                                                                2. Sweet Smoke in Oakville is easliy the best pulled pork....the Big Smoke on Lakeshore in Oakville is also decent...

                                                                                  Lakeshore Restaurant
                                                                                  2390 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V1C3, CA

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                                                                                  1. re: bkabigting

                                                                                    Agreed -- Sweet Smoke's pulled pork is the boooooooomb. I like it topped with coleslaw

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                                                                                      Given that you seem to like west end locations, you'll have to try Hillybilly Heaven in Burlington. I've been to both Sweet Smoke (Burlington) and Big Smoke (Oakville). Personally, I like the latter better because I found the pulled pork at Sweet Smoke too citrussy and sweet... a bit of an orange essence that doesn't work for me with pork. Big Smoke was quite good though a bit pricy. However, now I have a new favourite. Hillbilly Heaven has a reasonably priced sandwich with a choice of three sauces... sweet, medium or hot. The pork is really juicy with great bark to it. Try it... I think you'll like it. They also sell a good assortment of hot sauces and bbq rubs.