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Nov 25, 2008 07:08 PM

apple cider for Thanksgiving?

I just moved to the area and I'm currently in disbelief that there's no fresh unpasteurized apple cider available at any of the whole foods (THREE!) I visited today while Thanksgiving grocery shopping. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can find cider? Three of my favorite Tday recipes depend on it!


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  1. Good luck. Sometimes some of the farmer's markets have it. I know the one in Valencia on Sunday has it, but that doesn't help you. A few of the apple farms up in Tehachapi might have some.

    1. I also moved to LA from a place with cider and autumn were synonymous. Cider just isn't available here.

      Sometimes Trader Joe's carries it in the refrigerated section, labeled as apple juice - but it's fresh cider. But I haven't seen it this year. The closest thing I've found is Trader Joes Unfiltered apple juice in their normal juice section - 64 oz. bottle. They also have a spiced apple cider, but I would think for recipes the other one would be better.

      Also, Oak Glen, at the base of Big Bear, is an apple orchard area that has fresh cider.

      1. I'm a resourceful cook who had a spice biz, so here's some ideas:
        -call Bristol Farms mkt
        -call a health food store, like Quinn's
        -use TJ's unfiltered apple cider vinegar, add turbano (natural cane, granulated) for sweetner
        -call office of Farmer's Market, on 3rd: see if anyone is offering bottled and if not see if any has a source/supplier
        -call vegetarian restaurants, see if any will sell you some
        -call Ralph's, Von's suppermarkets in high-end neighborhoods

        If you can't score with any of those: change the recipe or the menu --cuz there isn't time to go the distance to our apple orchards --which DO have it.

        1. Farmers' markets are your best bet. If you get this in time, go to the Santa Monica market today at Arizona and 3rd (8 AM to 1 PM).