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Nov 25, 2008 06:56 PM

Guelaguetza report

Had lunch at Guelaguetza (the WLA one) today. I was there by myself, so I only ordered two dishes: 1) Tacos de tasajo, and 2) Mole verde with pork.

Although I am a bit spoiled (by virtue of having lived in Mexico for over two decades) when it comes to Mexican food, I must say I was a bit disappointed.

The tasajo tacos were OK, but the tasajo was a bit dry, and without the distinctive flavor it usually has in Mexico/Oaxaca.

The mole verde I liked less. The sauce was rather strange. Way too gloppy (is this a word?), almost gooey. Not to mention the color - radioactive dark green. (In contrast to the lighter color of, say, a pipian-like mole verde) More importantly, it lacked the depth and complexity that a mole should have. Felt a bit like what Chinese folks must feel when they eat "Chinese" food (i.e. sweet n sour) in sub-par restaurants in the US.

I'd be ready to give Guelaguetza another try though. Several dishes sounded great (just like what you'd get in Mexico, i.e. at Mi Bella Lula, a great Oaxacan joint in Mexico City; from enfrijoladas to tlayudas to chapulines to...), so I may give it another try. Not sure what the local hounds think of Guelaguetza though.

Still, the two dishes I had today were rather underwhelming.

I will try at some point Monte Alban, which I have noticed gets stellar reviews from you folks.

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  1. And a brief PS: I was also a bit unhappy with the quality of the (microwaved, to boot!) tortillas. Even at Ralphs you can buy better (if still mediocre) tortillas. Again, maybe I am spoiled.

    1. If you are looking for Great Moles (tradtional & innovative) check this out.

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        Thanks so much. Moles La Tia looks quite interesting. Sometime next year I will have to venture there. And what a great blog, the one by teenageglutster.

        1. re: D Hound

          The Kid is great, real adventursome and up for anything. I wonder if he would try haggis?

          1. re: Burger Boy

            If he enjoys menudo - I am sure he would like mexican haggis - pancita de borrego aka obispo. Its the chilied offal stuffed stomach of a lamb that is baked in a pit lined with maguey leaves. Amazing!!