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Nov 25, 2008 06:02 PM

Philly anniversary dinner?

Hi! We are trying to figure out where to go for our anniversary dinner on Sat night. We are spending one night at the Hyatt in Penns Landing (from Bucks County, but wanted a night away from the kids!). We are planning on taking a cab to a restaurant, so it doesn't have to be very close, but not too far either. We would perfer BYOB, but it isn't essential. We like all kinds of food, but do not prefer steakhouse kinds of places. We have been to Matyson and Alma de Cuba & loved them both. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!

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  1. If you loved Matyson. give Bistro 7 a try. Great service and innovative new american cuisine. We don't get there often enough.

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      I would suggest Gayle, very interesting and creative food. Not a BYOB though.

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        If you like sushi, give Misso a try. Great sushi and it's a BYO.

    2. I would suggest Kanella at 10th and Spruce, a greek BYOB, or Little Fish at 6th and Catharine, a fresh fish-focused BYOB. Little Fish recently had a wonderful mention in Bon Appetit mag.

      1. Thanks everyone! I am going to check into all of these. If there are any more suggestions, please add them.

        I also forgot to add that we'd like to go somewhere for drinks afterward, so if you can suggest something with a good bar (wine, beer, whatever...just not a club or college hang out) close by, that would be great. We would want to take a cab to/from the hotel, so not sure if that is a consideration. Thanks!

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          Another BYOB to check out is Cochon, I think it's on the same level as Matyson, which is to say a cut above many of the (still very good) byobs in town. Kanella is also really good. If you go to Kanella, Valanni is right up the strett and has a bar (it is also a good restaurant in its own right).

          For a non-BYO option, try Distrito. It's a little far from your hotel, but still not a terrible cab ride. It's a lot of fun. The food is fantastic, and the bar is excellent. It's not romantic if that is what you are looking for, but it is lively and really fun.

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            Thanks everyone! I think we are going to go with Distrito. Some of the others weren't available & that looks like fun & the menu sounds great. We don't have much Mexican around here. Any thoughts on a place to go after? I am not exactly sure where it is located, although I went to Penn for grad school, so I probably SHOULD Thanks again!

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              It's at 40th and Chestnut. They have a cool bar downstairs, and a karaoke room as well, though I think you need a group for the latter.