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Nov 25, 2008 05:49 PM

Le Violon d'Ingres or L'angle du Faubourg

Trying to decide between these two for dinner Dec 30. We will be taking the evening sightseeing cruise on Bateaux Parisiens and wanted to do dinner at an actual restaurant afterwards rather than doing the dinner cruise. Violon d'Ingres is closer to the dock, but L'angle du Faubourg is near our hotel (staying at Residence Lord Byron) Any thoughts?

Also looking for a good but cheap bistro/cafe near Arc de Triomphe for New Year's Eve. We're eating at Le Cinq for lunch that day, so probably just something light near our hotel before we head out for New Year's festivities. Thanks!

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  1. Le Violon has a very warm ambiance, food is good got great except for their soufflé à la vanille. L'Angle du faubourg has more interesting food and wine and a more sophisticated ambiance, more chic. They're both good choices but if you ask me I prefer l'Angle.

    There's no goo and cheap in that area, and if you have lunch at le Cinq, indeed you are likely to finish late and be very full. And the likelihood to find a dining place that does not have a NYE special is very, very low. I would argue that you should play it by ear and grab a simple snack if you're hungry.

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      I went to le Violon a year ago because it was recommended for cassoulet and serves this dish for one. (It`s often only for 2 people.) Indeed, it was wonderful. My stepmother loved her lamb entrée. We both really liked the atmosphere and found the prices to be very reasonable for the quality.

      I haven`t tried l'Angle so I cannot compare the two.

    2. We are eating lunch at Le Cinq that day too! We are going to buy some snacks to eat later, but do not plan to have another sit-down mean that day. (Plus, everything is likely to be expensive and crowded). I suspect it will take me most of the day to burn off the calories from lunch in any event. ; )

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        I confirm that. Had lunch at le Cinq, it's 10pm now, not even remotely hungry. Feel fine, but not hungry.

      2. L'Ecluse is a wine bar near your hotel that serves decent food as well. No pressure to order a three course meal etc. You will need a reservation however.