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Nov 25, 2008 05:49 PM

Can't wait to come back!

Hi Everyone,
After 4 years, my husband and I are finally returning to your beautiful city. We will make the trip from California in December (12/25-1/1)and are very excited. We love touristy things/places and will do several of them, but would also like suggestions for the best "locals" food, drink, and music. Make as many suggestions as you can, nothing will go unread.

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  1. Some of my favorite places: Napoleon House, Stella, City Park, streetcar ride on St. Charles Ave., lakefront, Piazza D'Italia, Spanish Plaza & the zoo,

    1. Check out bulletin boards @ grocery stores and look on telephone poles for local events. When we were there in Oct., they were doing a "secret garden & courtyard tour" in the FQ. It benefitted a local charity and was a great way to schmooze w/ the locals and tourists. Plus we got to see the interior of 2 really great houses, all for $15.00! We were lucky to catch The Radiators @ Tipitina's on our 1'st nite. Got to go to Vaughn's (sp?) on Thursday if Kermit Ruffin is playing...too much fun! Also, go to Frenchmen's street for the music and to eat at The Praline Connection. Have fun, Adam from Oakland

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      1. Stella's sounds really good, what is the dress code there?

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          I am not sure that there is a "dress code," per se. As I always wear a blazer, or jacket to dinner, I'm usually OK.

          Trying to break it down, so as to be useful to you, I'd say that the general dress was "upscale casual." I saw maybe two gentlemen in suits, and maybe a half-dozen in jackets, or blazers (some with, some without ties). There were other diners in more "casual" clothing, with the lower end probably being polos and slacks for the gentlemen. I do not recall any shorts for either sex.

          Ladies were in cocktail dresses, "little black dresses," and maybe some in slacks.

          I know, that is pretty broad, but that is why I do not think that they have a formal "dress code." A nice outfit for the lady and a jacket for the gentleman would not be out of place.

          Sorry that I cannot be more specific. Maybe a call, and a plea for a full description of whatever the host/hostess says will help more. If you call, please post their reply. Heck, it was a warm evening, and maybe I was over-dressed?


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            I think we should all dress for dinner in an upscale restaurant. Katrina casual seems to have taken a firm hold on the dining scene. And I also understand the tourist that doesn't want to go back to the hotel to change from a casual day outing, but I find it disappointing when people arrive well dressed and there are men wearing ball caps at the dinner table. Somehow there has to be a you have crossed the line rule.

            1. re: Tonto

              Good point. I was surprised, pre-K, at the relaxation of some of the older dress-codes. Now, it might well be totally open.

              Still, I am definitely "old school," and dress as I would like those around me to be dressed.

              Required? No. However, I have dined at maybe four restaurants in '08, that did "require" jackets for all gentlemen, no exceptions. Each made this clear, at the time of the reservations, and some even mentioned it, when confirming later.

              Now, this does not bother me, as I always fly with a blazer. If I feel that this is not enough, I'll even throw in a suit. Heck, a thrid of my travels demand that I pack a tux, so what is an extra suit?

              As I do not wish to impose my personal choices on any other diner, I am loath to make recs. on dress codes. That is up to the restaurant.


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                I have no problem imposing my personal choices on others....if you can't dress up a little to go out to a nice restaurant, then stay home.