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Nov 25, 2008 04:46 PM

Storing a fruit platter

I promised to bring a fresh-fruit platter from New York, to our Thanksgiving in Massachusetts.
I plan to pick-up the platter on Wednesday, as we are leaving early Thursday morning, and Whole Foods doesn't open until 8AM on Thursday.
So, how can I store this platter overnight? My NYC apartment refrigerator just cannot fit another thing, let alone a large platter of fresh fruit.
Do you think I can leave it out overnight, in an unheated room? I don't think the weather is expected to be too cold, but the room is fairly cool.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. NO. Not unless the room is as cold as your fridge.

    What about clearing some room in the fridge of items that might last all night in a cool room, like jars of pickles and condiments. How about moving stuff from the fridge to a picnic cooler overnight.

    Keep the fruit in the fridge.

    A little late for this time, but maybe next time order the fruit plate from Whole Foods in Massachusetts or other store along the way on Thursday.

    1. Do you have a cooler? I know a cooler won't be big enough to accomodate the platter but I'd suggest packing the fruit in tupperware type containers and place them on ice in a cooler. How were you planning to get the platter to Massechusetts?

      1. Do you have a car? Can you put it in the trunk of your car? I imagine it is chilly right now.

        1. WOW. Thank you all for your reponses. I did pick-up the platter this morning, and it is in the refrigerator, as I type. You all really scared me, and, despite the coolness of the room (with the window wide open) the platter is in the refig!!!